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Full nutrition in schools is a pledgenormal mental and physical development of the child. In accordance with the law of the Russian Federation "On Education", these institutions are required to provide students with full breakfasts and hot meals. Nutrition in schools is strictly regulated by sanitary rules and norms - it must be balanced (the optimal ratio of proteins, fats and carbohydrates), complex. In addition, along with food the child should receive not only nutrients, but also vitamins and minerals.

Requirements for the organization of food

Numerous observations have shown that a child,receiving a balanced breakfast and lunch, less tired, he has a good academic record, and a higher level of efficiency lasts longer. Therefore, the organization of meals in the school should be built in such a way as to cover 100% of students. Since the main time the child is in class, breakfast and lunch should cover his energy needs. For example, children of the lower classes spend on the day about 2500 J, middle and senior links - 2900 J. These costs should be fully covered by breakfast and lunch. With prolonged stay of children in school, they must additionally be provided with a snack.

meals in schools

The dining hall should be well lit andto be heated. It is necessary to have enough furniture. Noises and smells from the production premises and the kitchen can not enter the dining room. The artistic and aesthetic design of the hall is welcome, well, if there are stands with information on healthy nutrition. The child at the entrance to the dining room should awaken appetite, it helps the body prepare for food intake and good digestion.

Preference should be given to glass and china. It is forbidden to use plastic and enamel plates, mugs.

What should be breakfast and lunch

According to sanitary requirements and norms breakfastmust include a snack (salads), a hot dish (usually milk porridges, soups, omelettes, syrniki and casseroles) and a hot drink (tea, cocoa, compote). Lunch should consist of a snack, a first dish (soup), a second (fish or meat with a side dish of vegetables or cereals) and a third (sweet tea, jelly, compote). At noon, it is recommended to include rolls and sour milk drinks or milk. By the way, in most regions of our country children of primary classes (regardless of the preferential category) are provided with milk and a roll for free.

catering in the school

Catering in the school providesgentle cooking modes, such as cooking, baking, quenching. They are aimed at maximum preservation of nutrients and vitamins in food. Frying is not allowed. It is recommended to compile a varied and balanced menu for 12 days.

Who is entitled to free meals

Hot meals in schools should receive allstudents from 1 to 11 class. Despite this, many parents do not have the opportunity to pay school lunches and dinners. Some categories of children can get free meals at school. A privilege can be taken by large families and poor families. This is a family in which 3 or more children under the age of 18 years. If the child is an adult, but he is a student of an educational institution, the family has the status of having many children until the end of their studies. The family is considered to be of low income, the average monthly income per member does not exceed the amount established by law.

free meals at school
Each region has its own ceiling.For example, if an average of 4500 rubles per person a month is on average, and the region has a limit of 5000 rubles, then children from such a family can eat free in the school canteen.

In addition, orphans, disabled people, and children in difficult living conditions can receive preferential food at school.

What documents need to collect

To get free meals at school,parents will have to collect a certain package of documents and send it to the department of social protection. Each region has its own list, in most cases requires:

  • A copy of the document proving the identity (the passport, necessarily pages with the information on a residence permit, quantity of children and a marital status).
  • Certificate of the composition of the family.
  • Copies of birth certificates of children.
  • A copy of the certificate of a large family (if available).
    application for meals at school

If the family is considered to be poor, thenIn addition to the above documents, you must provide a certificate of income for each parent for the last 3 months (in some cases, for 6 months). Privileges for food in schools are provided by the social protection authorities. However, documents may be required at the educational institution itself. In addition, it is also necessary to write an application for food at the school.

What documents do I need to collect for orphans and disabled people?

Children left without parental care can also receive free meals in schools. In such cases, a legal guardian must write the application.

If the child is disabled, he can also eat free in school. In this case, a certificate confirming the disability is attached to the application form.

What should parents do in a difficult life situation?

A special category is children who are indifficult life situation. In fact, there is no official confirmation of this, therefore the class teacher must determine the status here. Parents themselves should explain to the teacher why their family found themselves in such a situation, and why the payment for food in the school became impossible. Then the class teacher should examine the housing conditions of the family and draw up an act about this.

privileged meals at school
The document is then sent to theprotection, an appropriate decision is made there, and an application for preferential feeding of the child is sent to the educational institution. Here it is worth noting that such a benefit can only be used for one year.

Payment for meals at school - nuances

The law determines the amount to pay for the food of children, andit changes every year. And if the cost of breakfast or lunch exceeds the limit prescribed in the law, parents are offered to compensate for this difference at their own expense. If they are against additional collection of funds, in such cases a separate menu is made, as a rule, it is at times inferior in quality to a balanced lunch.

food opalate in school

Partially pay reduced-price meals at schoolmaybe the local budget, but here each individual municipal institution makes its decision. In addition, as already mentioned above, children of lower grades can additionally be provided with a bun and sour milk drink.

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