Piety is what? Meaning and examples


Life is constantly changing, and some wordsdisappear from the tongue at all, and some - only from everyday use. Actually, there is nothing surprising in this process. Therefore, for example, many people in our days may have a question: what does piety mean? In the article we will try to explain in detail the meaning of this word and give examples of its use.


The word "piety" is a book expression, and inordinary, everyday speech, it practically does not occur. Unless the highly educated people speak among themselves. But the latter use a lot of words that are not found in common parlance. Therefore, we leave this case.

In general, piety is a deep respect, reverence or reverence for someone.

Such an attitude does not go simply for it, it needs to be earned. Consider who exactly people are inclined to respect.

Teachers, doctors, athletes

Respect is at least deep, though superficial (ifit happens) you need to deserve. There is a belief that in any case a person must be respected. This is true, but one thing is the prescribed legal respect for the individual, and another thing is piety, genuine reverence for it.

Teachers and doctors are the most respected profession, althoughand not the most highly paid, but recently everything is changing for the better. Almost everyone respects good doctors and educators of human souls. Because doctors allow us to live long enough, and teachers help us not only to live, but also to comprehend the surrounding reality, to receive from life intellectual, spiritual pleasure. Mentors contribute to the development of students, and they, in turn, themselves transform reality. And already to the pupils of teachers are treated with piety, as the pupils become teachers.

piety it

Athletes, as well as actors, relatively recentlybecame an eulogized and revered cohort. Before the big money came to the sport, the athletes were not particularly respected people, and piety - it was not about them. Now everything has changed, many want to be like Messi, Ronaldo or Elena Isinbayeva. No wonder, because it promises a lot of money and fame.

"Shop" respect

Indeed, the overwhelming majority of people respect teachers, doctors or just regulars of the "most-most" lists. But often reverence has professional coloring or, for example, value.

What is the meaning of the word "piety", we can answerdifferent ways. Deep respect and reverence is on the one hand, and on the other hand, if you develop the idea, it becomes clear that the thrill before someone is not of an abstract nature, for each environment has its own ideal image and canon for respectable persons. For example, we will take hermits and rich people. Hermits will respect a person who aspires to moderation, and the rich are those who seek to earn all possible means.

the meaning of the word piety

Brighter than anything about the relativity of respectshows the example of Don Corleone. On the one hand, he has his hands on his elbow in the blood: he killed and gave orders to kill people. But in his community the "Godfather" enjoys boundless respect. Everyone treats him with piety.

In addition, the personal qualities of the namedthe character is admired by more than one generation of readers. Moral qualities of Don Corleone (if you leave aside the costs of the profession) is sometimes higher than those around him who represent the law in the novel.

Man - this sounds proudly!


The aphorism of M. Gorky does not become obsolete, because it is universal. And we will borrow it for our topic. The concept of "piety", the meaning of which we have already disassembled, suggests different situations of application. But one thing is certain: reverence for someone who represents something, achieved something in life. Before those who overcome difficulties and went forward. And if the reader wants piety, then he will have to make efforts, otherwise nothing will come out.

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