Go to oblivion: the meaning of phraseology and origin


A person always wants to stay in history. There are people who do not think about it at all, they just want to become famous. The goal is still the same - to linger in people's memory, not to dissolve in the stream of elusive days. When someone or someone is told that they will sink into oblivion (the meaning of phraseology is discussed today), it means "they will be forgotten". Why and why exactly? The answer is below.

Hades and the river Leta

the meaning of phraseology will disappear into oblivion

Lovers of legends and fairy tales know that, according tothere is somewhere in the underworld of Aida the river Leta. This is one of the five rivers of the shelter of the dead. As soon as they gave their souls to the gods, they drank from the river of oblivion (the name of the source) - and immediately the former life seemed to them a dream. And, as with every glamor, soon there was no trace of him in memory. Hence, when they say "go to oblivion" (the meaning of phraseology further), they mean that they will soon be forgotten.

The abyss in eternity is the ordinary human destiny. Imagine how much time has passed at least from the Nativity of Christ, and who we, people of the 21st century, know? An insignificant number of mortals in relation to the one who got obscurity. Therefore, people so desperately crave fame, that at least for a little longer to extend their symbolic life in the minds and hearts of people. For adventurers, the phrase "go to oblivion" (the meaning of phraseology we already know) sounds like a sentence.

Known and unknown

to drop the meaning of phraseology shortly

Now people are going crazy. Many of our brethren desire fame and money. And it is not even known what their soul wants more. Time idols. People look lustily at celebrities. Everybody knows the Atlanteans of the Hollywood actor's shop (Al Pacino, Robert de Niro), but no one knows those who have not achieved recognition. The unknown servants of the Melpomene are not exactly lost in oblivion (the meaning of the phraseology no longer requires explanation), they have plunged into it further nowhere at the present time.

Everyone who steps on the road of life,hopes that they will remember him. Someone strives to stay in the memory of family, and someone's ambitions extend far beyond the family circle. Some need the whole world. The prospect of sinking into oblivion (the meaning of phraseology briefly - "forgetting people") does not appeal to them. But, unfortunately, there is no universal recipe, as it is guaranteed to get to the Olympus of history, there is only one thing - to live!

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