"Salt of the Earth": the meaning of phraseology and the history of its origin


A bright and progressive future belongs to people creative, talented and capable. Any achievements are subject to those who implement their innovative ideas that change the lives of all the inhabitants of the planet.

Once upon a time people did not even know whatelectricity, radio, television and the Internet. And now we can enjoy all these benefits. And all thanks to scientists and engineers - all those who are said to be "the salt of the earth". The meaning and origin of phraseology is discussed in this article. We learn more detailed interpretation, etymology and use of this stable expression.

salt of the earth is the meaning of phraseology

"The Salt of the Earth": the Meaning of Phraseologism

Many enduring expressions are beautifulcharacterize people. Those who play a big role in the development of mankind are called "salt of the earth". Also these words characterize outstanding people who are doing well in some area.

If you look into the school phraseologicala dictionary compiled by Stepanova MI, one can find the following meaning of the phraseology "salt of the earth". The expression, in her opinion, is high, it characterizes the basic creative power of some people.

The origin of phraseology

This expression came to us from the Gospel. With these words Jesus called his faithful disciples.

salt of the earth the meaning and origin of phraseology

Perhaps he used this expression because,that salt gives taste. He meant that his students can change people, make them better. They are the soul of the people, the "salt of the earth". The meaning of phraseology, thus, speaks of the people of those who make our lives spicy. That is, they give it a taste, make it more pleasant.

The use of phraseology

Many persistent expressions are actively usedin the media, literature, cinematography, as headlines, capacious descriptions, names of exhibitions and other things. Do not bypass the side and the phrase "salt of the earth." The meaning of phraseology is excellent for describing outstanding people who contributed to the development of society.

meaning of phraseology salt of the earth expression

This stable phrase was called a documentary about the photographer Sebastian Salgado, a feature film based on the novel of the same name by Georgi Markov.

Phraseology is used for the names of groups, organizations, programs dedicated to heroes, outstanding, talented people.

Often journalists apply in their high-profilethe expression "salt of the earth". The meaning of phraseology is not always taken into account. Sometimes these materials are dedicated not to creative people. They, for example, may contain information about the harm of salt to the human body or soil. This play of words attracts readers' attention.


Having considered this steady turnover, we can draw the following conclusions:

  • its meaning is creative power, outstanding people;
  • he came to us from the Bible;
  • used in high style;
  • It is used in various spheres: media, literature, cinema, etc.

We can call the salt of the earth the great scientists,thinkers, engineers, writers, artists. They are not afraid to experiment, create new things, improve their living conditions, they pull everyone forward. Behind them - a bright future!

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