Unexplained and interesting facts about the Earth


Earth - the only known planets to us,which can be safely called populated. To date, this is the defining moment that distinguishes our space house from similar objects. However, interesting facts about the Earth from him are just beginning. Despite the fact that the answers to many secrets of the planet are literally under your feet and over your head, scientists can not explain much. On the other hand, among the accumulated information there are sometimes more surprising facts than other events of the far space.

Cases of bygone days

For the distant ancestors of any people, allunexplained facts on Earth were testimonies of the presence of supernatural power: gods, spirits, fairies and witches. However, even in the most remote era, we found curious minds who tried to explain things differently. They found patterns, learned to foresee certain phenomena, created theories about the structure of the world. The myth of the Earth, resting on the backs of huge animals, which arose in the course of similar attempts to understand the surrounding nature, is unusually tenacious. It still occurs, for example, in the Indians. According to their model of the universe, the Earth rests on the back of the turtle and flinches every time it takes a step.

myth of the earth

Tremors of the Earth

Scientists, of course, this explanation of earthquakesdoes not satisfy. Today, almost everyone knows that the cause of this phenomenon is the movement and collision of tectonic plates. However, there are many facts related to earthquakes that are not known to the majority, and some of them still remain unexplained.

Interesting facts about the Earth include, for example, such statistics:

  • annually around the world there are about 500 thousand earthquakes, and every day their number reaches 8 thousand, but most of them are insensible;
  • noticeable for a person occur about 55 thousand times a year;
  • earthquakes, bringing destruction and possessing a magnitude from 5 to 8.9 points, happen not more often than 1000 times a year;
  • most catastrophic in its consequences, fortunately, very rare - about once every 20 years.

interesting facts about the land

It is interesting that the complete disappearance of earthquakes,and also volcanic activity will mean the cessation of tectonic activity. This is possible after the completion of all processes that occur in the bowels. Strange as it may seem, this is very undesirable for a person, since it is a sign of the end of the differentiation of the earth's interior, and hence the loss of the main energy source by the Earth, which "warms up" it. We can say that earthquakes are a sign of the life of the planet.

Strange outbreaks

There are also quite unusual facts about the Earth, relatedwith a concussion of the firmament. According to many eyewitnesses, such phenomena are accompanied not only by destructions and tremors, but also by bright flashes. The physicist from Italy, Cristiano Ferouga, collected a large number of references to such phenomena, covering many sources up to 2000 BC. However, scientists drew attention to these certificates only after the publication of photos captured during the earthquake in 1966 in Japan.

Today there are many such pictures. Sometimes it's pretty hard to know if it's a fake or not. However, the explanation for the phenomenon is still not found.

incredible facts about the land

The Supercontinent

The cause of the eruption of volcanoes, earthquakes, andThe mountain building also lies in the movements of tectonic plates. It also leads to what scientists call the drift of the continents. Thanks to this process, interesting facts about the Earth are supplemented by information about the existence in the distant past of several supercontinents that disintegrated and in time "gathered" again, but in a slightly different configuration. The last one is called Pangea. However, the most interesting thing about the Earth in this perspective is that the process continues to the present day. The lithospheric plates every year overcome a distance of several centimeters, that is, in the future, approximately 250 million years later, a new unified continent is formed.

Moving stones

What does not explain the movement of tectonic plates,so this is a change in the position of strange stones in the famous Valley of Death in California. They are on the surface of a dried lake and leave clear traces, slowly moving along it. Numerous studies and observations have yielded small results - scientists still can not explain the movement of stones. It is only known that in 7 years they have overcome about 200 m, but no one has ever seen how they move. The greatest "activity" of stones occurs during the winter period.

unexplained facts on earth

Miracles very close

Interesting facts about the relief of the Earth of this kindhave not only American origin. Strange stones, called tvants, are in Romania. People living next to them say that they are able to multiply. On the rounded stone, build-ups are gradually formed, which after a while "bud off" and continue to grow themselves, and at a fairly high speed. There is no exhaustive explanation for the "behavior" of boulders. In some theories, they are described as a silicon form of life.

In the Kolpnyansky district of the Oryol region alsothere are unusual stones. They periodically begin to grow, like seedlings. Some locals refer to boulders as a shrine. It is believed that touching them gives strength and health.

 unusual facts about the land

Magnetic field of the Earth: interesting facts

If you look at the photo of stones from the valley of Death,it may seem that they are attracted to something. It is involuntarily recalled that our planet is a kind of huge magnet. It is interesting that the appearance of the Earth's magnetic field also belongs to the category of facts without an unambiguous scientific explanation. The main hypothesis is that it is generated by the liquid part of the core, consisting of alloys of iron and nickel. However, not all facts such a hypothesis can explain.

Researchers have determined that cooling lavacan tell about the direction and strength of the magnetic field. Her samples were studied at different times. It turned out that the strength of the field in some periods of the history of the planet decreased significantly. This fact, as well as the dependence of the field on solar activity, is explained by another hypothesis of the origin of the planet's magnetism. According to her, the main role in the process is played by the water-air ocean. Water evaporates, electrifies and receives a positive charge. In this case, negative ions accumulate in the earth. Due to the rotation of the planet, a stream of charged particles is formed, that is, in fact, a current. And, as is known from the school course of physics, where there is an electric current, there is also a magnetic field.

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The work of human hands

Many incredible facts about the Earth by its appearanceowe people. Unfortunately, quite often they have a negative color. History also knows cases when the decision of a small group of people led to quite strong changes in the landscape. An impressive example of this is the Gates of Hell in Turkmenistan. This is a deep failure, in which the flame rages. Approximately 35 years ago, gas was developed here. In the process of mining, the site on which the geologists' camp is located collapsed into a deep cave. Descend for things that people could not find, because the entire hole was filled with natural gas. It was set on fire. It still burns, and it is not known when this man-made miracle will cease to please and frighten local residents.

Interesting facts about the Earth can be listedinfinitely. With the development of science there is an explanation for an increasing number of mystical phenomena and simply strange natural processes. At the same time, research contributes to the treasury of curious information: every year, scientists discover something new, about the existence of which and did not guess.

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