Daily morning exercises in kindergarten


Most pre-school children go toKindergarten, in which they must obey the general order of the day. Not all children like this, many painfully suffer their stay away from their parents.

morning gymnastics in kindergarten
So, morning exercises in kindergarten will helpnot only to accustom the younger generation to physical exercises, but also to adjust the kids to a friendly attitude to the surrounding people and the situation.

Of course, gymnastics in kindergarten must be taken into accountage and level of preparedness of children. For very young, you can use simple exercises, and for older children - already combined tasks, a bunch of simple exercises. But at any age it is necessary to use the game form and gay children's music.

It is highly recommended to use rhythmic music,since most people are very musical, they easily adapt to the musical rhythm and make it more and more collected and interested. This is also true of children.

gymnastics in the kindergarten

Morning gymnastics in kindergarten shoulddaily in a room that was well ventilated before the children were admitted. Of course, the set of exercises depends on the inventory that is in the kindergarten, but you can do without any different subjects at all.

Morning exercises begin in the kindergarten with greetings.

"Good morning, children. Let's look outside the window. Spring came there. Hello, spring! "Take the ball, let the little children pass it to each other, while greeting with the neighbor. Large karapuzy can throw the ball. So everyone will smile and get positive from the very morning. And kids who have recently come to kindergarten, remember the names of those with whom they go to one group, and others will pay attention to the names of the seasons.

Tilting the head in different directions, torso torso, squats, mahi hands simultaneously and separately, legs with legs - here is an exemplary list of the most simple warm-up exercises.

Children are very fond of when they walk or jump like any animals: ducks, rabbits, frogs, cranes, etc. Such morning exercises in the kindergarten will not be boring.

morning exercises in kindergarten
Walking on the inside, and then on the outsideside of the foot, on the heels, toes, with a high knee lift - is available to any age of children, but will be an excellent preventive of flat feet and contribute to the proper formation of the pedicel.

In the older groups of the kindergarten, you can organize mini-competitions and relay races. However, the selection of tasks is necessary so that all the kids can cope.

Morning gymnastics in kindergarten promotesnot only the growth of physical culture in children, but also disciplines. This affects the form in which the guys are engaged. Well, when this form will be the same for all boys and girls. It is desirable that it was a T-shirt and shorts made of natural cotton fabrics, socks with a rubberized sole or Czech.

Well, of course, from the person who conductsthe daily morning gymnastics, depends - whether children will love physical culture and rhythmic exercises. Want to enthrall the kids - do not talk to them in a dry language of manuals and guides. Remember how you were small? Music, poems, jokes and affectionate words will help to interest even the clumsy and unsporting child. Give encouragement, praise, and happy cheerful smiles of children will be your reward.

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