Upside down - the meaning of phraseology, origin


Phraseological units are expressions recorded in the language. They fill the speech, make it more diverse.

The meaning of phraseology "upside down"

So, more in detail. The phraseology "upside down" has several interpretations. Which ones?

The first means that some thing or personare in the upside down position. Inverted. You can be, fly, fall or turn over "upside down". The meaning of phraseology can also be interpreted as the "collapse" of something.

upside down the meaning of phraseology

And that's not it. Changing the course of events - this is another meaning of phraseology "upside down." That is, when you were planning something, and this unexpectedly broke. This idiom also means mess and chaos.


A look at the origin of this idiom from differentresearchers is different. Since "upside down" is a phraseological fusion, that is, a fixed combination that can not be understood and represented without knowledge of its history, one must turn to etymology.

In Russia "duffers" is a common word. It could be heard in the dialects of the inhabitants of modern Ryazan and on the Don.

At that time those words called feet. In the Ryazan dialect, the word "Torma" existed for the designation of the feet, and in the Don dialect, people called them "Torms".

According to another version of phraseology designated overturned sleigh, the brakes in which were called "Tormas". This option is consonant with the word "cob".

turn upside down the meaning of phraseology

The first version of origin is most popular. "Torms" and "torms" are closer to "ruffles" than "tormas".

Moreover, at that time the picture of the world of people stilldivided the "top" and "bottom". "Top" symbolized the sun, air, sky. And in the man - the head. "Bottom" was also water, and earth, and human feet. The man himself felt in the middle: he is above the water and the earth, but below the sky.

The top was associated with something good, great, heavenly. Bottom, on the contrary, showed darkness, poverty. The meaning of phraseology "upside down" is the sowing of chaos, disorder.

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