The meaning of phraseology is "a tablecloth road." Origin and examples


The meaning of phraseology is "a tablecloth road"I remember when a person wants to wish a happy journey to someone whose care will be completely regretted. Thus, the expression has a negative coloring, but this was not always the case. We will analyze the meaning of phraseology as it was and how it became.

Meaning and origin

value of phraseology tablecloth road

If you think about it, there is nothing better for the traveler,than an even road, and you can not think of it. I do not want to talk about the patient, but in Russia there have always been problems with roads. Earlier, still in Russia, because of the changeable and severe weather, and now because of the negligence of certain organizations that do not want to fulfill their duties. But we will set it aside. The main thing is that the meaning of phraseology "tablecloth road" was historically considered a good wish without any mockery and subtext. Now the times have changed, and the expression has changed the pole from positive to negative.

Tale-cartoon and phraseology

If you look at the Soviet cartoon "Vovka inthe end of the kingdom, "then the protagonist meets with the Vasilisa the Wise, and they teach him the wit-reason. He refuses. The girls advise him to go to the far end of the kingdom, there are two of the casket in it. And so that Vovka does not get lost, Vasilisa throws a handkerchief, which curls a tablecloth in the literal sense of the word and leads the student to the cherished goal.

Such a long introduction is necessary in order tosay: the importance of phraseology "tablecloth road" in this cartoon keeps in touch with tradition. Vasilisas are not malicious muggers, they do not want Vovka anything bad. They put into the expression the old meaning and wish the main character a happy journey.

Soviet film classics and phraseology

phraseology tablecloth road origin

But in the "Irony of Fate, or With a Light Steam" alreadythen the value to which all are accustomed. In the middle of the second series, when Nadia quarrels with Zhenya, she, wearing a hat, rushes around the apartment and threatens to leave. Lukashin replies to her: "It's expensive for a tablecloth." And although the viewer realizes that the cute are being scolded - they only play, but the interpretation of the phrase does not cause doubts. Lukashin suggests that Nadia leave her own apartment anywhere, he does not care.

It is clear that this is a love game, in which older people are already involved. But this is not important to us, but the meaning of phraseology is "a tablecloth road."

It is difficult to say with what exactlytransformation of the meaning of expression: whether people become rougher, and with them language, or life has a specific sense of humor. This can only be guessed. The main thing is that the phraseology "tablecloth road" (its origin and meaning) is considered by us.

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