How to write a letter of thanks to the teacher


A letter of thanks to the teacher isa written expression of gratitude. He is addressed to a particular teacher, for example, a class teacher. A similar document is drawn up on a completed form, which can be purchased at specialized shops or at the printing house.

A letter of gratitude to the teacher is written not onlyparents, but also students. There is no definite reason for expressing words of gratitude to the beloved teacher, so the guys give them not only about the end of the school year, but also in connection with the birthday, the teacher's day.

If the children or parents decided to write a letter of gratitude to the teacher, they can purchase the finished color blank, write on it the text they liked.

Letter of thanks to the teacher

Style of design

A letter of thanks to the teacher from his parentsis written as a business letter. To receive gratitude the teacher can from administration of educational institution, for example, for high results of work, the professional relation to the trade. It is desirable to make out the text in the format word, leaving between lines a one and a half interval.

Sample congratulations from students

How to arrange a thank you letter to the teacher from the class? We offer a variant of the text, which can be taken as a basis:

Dear Maria Orestovna!

We wholeheartedly thank you for your respect andpatience, which you have given us for two years. Your professionalism, ability to choose an individual approach to each of us, to reveal hidden abilities and talents, helped us to decide on the future profession.

You have become a real friend, you could always findwords of support, help in difficult times. Thanks to your amazing training abilities, we grew up as single-minded and full-fledged individuals who are committed to acquiring new knowledge.

We are grateful to you for everything, we wish you to remain happy and healthy.

Yours faithfully, pupils of 10 "and" class.

This sample of a letter of thanks can be taken as a basis, supplementing it with sincere wishes to your beloved teacher.

A letter of thanks to the teacher from his parents

Letter from parents

We offer a sample of a letter of thanks written on behalf of the parents of the graduates of the general education school:

Dear Anna Leontievna!

We are grateful to you that for fiveyears you remained the same class teacher. You have made friends with our guys, instilled in them a respectful attitude to adults, taught patience, accuracy, literacy.

You have managed to choose an approach to each child,to reveal individual abilities, to form in children confidence in their abilities. The children's victories at the olympiads, contests, conferences - your merit. You will always remain in our hearts.

Sincerely, 9th grade parents.

Such a variant of a letter of thanks to the teacher expresses the attitude of parents towards the teacher, who for many years was the second mother for their children.

Form from the head of the school

Option from the school administration

Letter of thanks to the teacher from the directorschools - an option for moral incentives for teachers. It is issued on the letterhead of the school or on a special A4 sheet. In the text, one can note the teacher's indifference, his desire to develop schoolchildren.

The director of the general educational organization, in which the teacher works, signs the letter.

We offer a letter of gratitude to the teacher, drawn up on the occasion of his jubilee:

Dear Irina Akimovna!

Thank you for many years of conscientiouswork aimed at the formation in schoolchildren of a positive attitude to the learning process. Thanks to you guys with pleasure learn the basics of research, achieve high results in a single state examination in chemistry.

Further, the letter is signed by the director of the educational institution.

Greetings from the parent committee

Letter of thanks to the educator

A letter of gratitude to the teacher can be drawn up from the parent class committee, the school, the Council of the general education organization. Suggest a sample:

Dear Margarita Igorevna!

We express our heartfelt gratitude for your respectand the patience that you give to our children throughout the school year. Your professionalism, responsible attitude to the educational process, the desire to form in children a respectful attitude to the older generation, the nature of the native land, contributed to the formation of tolerance. It was your efforts that the guys learned to build their own trajectories for self-development.

We wish you to remain the same competent specialist, a true professional in your field of knowledge. Be healthy and happy.

Sincerely, the parent committee of the 3B class.

Thank you letter to the teacher from class


The profession of the teacher differs from otherspecialties of increased responsibility, selflessness, unselfish service to people. That is why it is so important that parents, administration, children, express to teachers sincere gratitude and love.

The text of the letter of thanks to the teacher is an excellent way of showing respect for teachers for schoolchildren, an option of moral encouragement for the school administration.

There are several options for their compilation.Regardless of who makes out a thank you letter, when writing it, business style rules should be used. The text contains an appeal to the teacher, a description of his main professional achievements. In addition, official wishes to the teacher will also be appropriate. At the end of the text indicates its author. If the letter is written by the school's management, a signature and a seal are placed.

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