Northern (Arctic) Federal University. Lomonosov: history, address, faculties and specialties


By presidential decree in Arkhangelsk in the beginningIn 2010 a new higher educational institution appeared - the Northern (Arctic) Federal University named after Mikhail Vasilyevich Lomonosov. In the university there is a huge number of students. More than 450 students are foreign citizens. Rector of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University - Kudryashova Elena Vladimirovna. This is the basic information about the university, which should be remembered by the incoming. Details about the educational organization is always worth knowing.

History of University

SAFU - Northern (Arctic) federalUniversity - was established on April 2, 2010. However, the university has a very rich history, rooted in the last century. So, SAFU was organized on the basis of ASTU (Arkhangelsk Technical State University). This educational institution was founded in 1929. At that time it was called the Arkhangelsk Forestry Institute (ALTI).

The university functioned until 1994.In May it was renamed. Educational activity was continued by ASTU, which was mentioned above. It lasted until 2010. Then the SAFU began to function. Northern (Arctic) Federal University. Lomonosov is a very young higher educational institution. Despite this, during its existence there have been several important changes:

  • Firstly, in 2011 the university included two colleges and one university;
  • Secondly, in 2012 a structural subdivision of the SAFU (correspondence economic and financial institute) was established on the basis of the closed Archangelsk branch of Fin. university under the government of the Russian Federation.

Structure of the institution

The Northern (Arctic) Federal University (FSAOU VPO) includes 7 higher schools (for example, engineering, energy, gas and oil, etc.). The structure of the university also includes institutes:

  • a humanitarian educational institution is located in Severodvinsk;
  • in the same city there is an institute for future specialists in the structure of sea-going vessels.

Northern Arctic Federal University

Northern (Arctic) Federal University(address: embankment of the Northern Dvina in Arkhangelsk, 17) gives an opportunity to residents of Arkhangelsk, non-residents and foreign citizens to obtain not only higher education. In the structure of the university there is the Technological College of Emperor Peter I. This indicates that it is possible to get a secondary vocational education. The named college prepares specialists in the sphere of timber industry complex, forestry, transport, energy and information technologies.

A bit about the University Lyceum

One of the structural subdivisions of the SAFU isUniversity Lyceum. It was specially created for children interested in natural sciences, computer science or mathematics. Students study at the University Lyceum as research work. Leading scientific employees of the educational and scientific centers and laboratories of the university help in the realization of this plan.

Periodically, the university invites schoolchildren tolectures on various subjects (for example, physics, chemistry, foreign language). His task is the development of personal qualities and intellectual abilities. Training is paid. In order to enroll in a lecture hall, you must fill out an application form and a contract form.

Northern Arctic Federal University of Lomonosov

Obtaining higher education in SAFU

Northern (Arctic) Federal Universitytrains bachelors in a huge number of directions. Students of the university receive humanitarian, natural and technical education. For those who want to become an expert, there are several special educational programs in the educational institution, implemented on full-time and correspondence courses.

In the Northern (Arctic) Federal Universitythem. MV Lomonosov can become a master. The educational institution has more than 60 master's programs (in 2016, 19 new programs appeared). Students study on both paid and free-of-charge basis (more than 700 budget places in the MAFU).

Direction "Municipal and public administration" (baccalaureate)

Bachelor's degree is a basic level of higher educationvocational education. Many applicants who wish to receive it and enter the Northern (Arctic) Federal University (Arkhangelsk) choose the direction of preparation "Municipal and state administration". This is the most popular educational program in the educational institution.

To enter the direction "Municipal andstate management ", it is necessary to pass mathematics, social studies, Russian and pass through the competition. Future students will receive practical and theoretical skills:

  • by right;
  • management;
  • territorial planning;
  • management of municipal and state orders;
  • financial management;
  • municipal and state service.

rector of the Northern Arctic Federal University

Direction "Biology" (bachelor's degree)

Northern (Arctic) Federal University,faculties in which are not present, has in the structure of school. For example, the Higher School of Technology and Natural Sciences. Among the areas of training that she offers, popularity among applicants enjoys "Biology". This is confirmed by statistical data: in 2013 the competition was 4.8 people / place, in 2014 - 8 people / place, in 2015 - again 4.8 people / place. People who enter this area are given biology, mathematics and Russian.

During the years of study, students learn a lotinteresting and useful disciplines. After the end of the Northern (Arctic) Federal University, people work in scientific research and production and scientific organizations, educational institutions, environmental protection and environmental management bodies.

Northern Arctic Federal University

The direction "Microsystem technology and nanotechnology" (bachelor's degree)

Among the technical educational programs, manyentrants identify the direction of training "Microsystem technology and nanotechnology". In 2013, the competition was 5.6 people / place, in 2014 - 5 people / place, in 2015 - 4.9 people / place. The introductory tests are the following subjects: physics, mathematics, and also Russian.

"Microsystem technology and nanotechnology" isquite a new direction in science. People who have successfully mastered this educational program at the Northern (Arctic) University are waiting for an interesting work. Graduates will be engaged in production and technological, scientific and research, design and design, organizational and management, service and operation.

safu Northern Arctic Federal University

"Psychology of performance" (specialty)

Among the educational programs of the specialty,which is implemented by the SAFU - Northern (Arctic) Federal University, - it is worth highlighting the "Psychology of Service Activities". In this direction, future psychologists study. Some of them will carry out pedagogical and research activities after the completion of the SAFU. Most of the graduates will be engaged in practical activities:

  • will determine the professional psychological fitness of persons employed in various bodies, institutions;
  • to monitor the psychological atmosphere in the service team;
  • carry out psychological rehabilitation of employees;
  • morally prepare people for work in extreme and day-to-day conditions, and so on.

To enter the "Psychology of Service(for the specialization "Moral and psychological support of official activity"), it is necessary to pass the USE at the USE on biology, mathematics and the Russian language, or to pass entrance examinations in the SAFU for the above disciplines. It should be noted that the competition in 2013 was 6.5 people / place, in 2014 - 14 people / place, in 2015 - 8.1 people / place. Also it is worth remembering that the duration of training at the specialty is 5 years on the full-time option.

Northern Arctic Federal University Arkhangelsk

Direction of preparation "Economics" (master's degree)

Among the master's programs it is worth highlightingdirection "Economics" (profile: "Economics and management in the enterprise"). It is designed for people who are bachelors and specialists. During the period of study (2 years and 6 months in full-time) students receive important professional and research skills that are necessary to carry out organizational, managerial and project-economic activities at various enterprises.

To enter the magistracy you need to show the admissions committee:

  • passport;
  • Diploma of Higher Education;
  • motivation letter;
  • portfolio, indicating the availability of achievements in scientific and educational activities (it is necessary, because the form of the entrance test in the SAFU is a portfolio contest).

The branch located in Koryazhma

The Northern (Arctic) federalLomonosov University has 2 branches. One of them is located in the town of Koryazhma. The branch is famous for the high quality of educational services. Here there is a highly qualified teaching staff, which includes several doctors and candidates of science.

The branch implements several bachelor's programs on correspondence and full-time forms of training in preparation:

  • teachers;
  • managers;
  • managers, managers;
  • psychologists and others.

Northern Arctic Federal University named after

Branch in Severodvinsk

The branch of the SAFU in the city of Severodvinsk exists since 2011. The date of its foundation is February 2. In the structure of the branch you can distinguish:

  • Humanitarian Institute;
  • Technical College;
  • Institute of Shipbuilding;
  • Institute for Advanced Studies.

In the Severodvinsk branch of the Northern (Arctic)university you can get a basic higher education. There are quite a few directions of preparation at the bachelor's degree. In the branch there is also a specialty, a master's degree, a post-graduate course. Several programs related to secondary vocational education are being implemented.

In conclusion, it should be noted that the Northern(Arctic) federal university is an excellent choice of entrants. Here you can get a very high-quality education (both secondary vocational and higher). The diploma of SAFU opens the way to a new life, allows you to get a job with interesting and highly paid vacancies.

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