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"Lower Countries," or "Lower Lands," sohistorically called the Netherlands. Holland is one of the regions of the Netherlands. The word itself first appeared in 866, and is translated from the Middle Dutch as "forest land" or "land of trees".

where is Amsterdam

But it is Holland that is the unofficial common name of the region. It is most often used instead of the Netherlands. Amsterdam is a cultural center and tourist pearl of the country.


In Amsterdam they say: "God created the sea, and inventive Dutch - land." Amsterdam is far from the reach of other European cities or Asian megacities. If you want to see on the map where Amsterdam is, look to the north-west of Holland, to the shore of the IJsselmeer Bay.

in which country amsterdam

The name of the city can be translated as: "dam on the Amstel River". Historically, Amsterdam is considered a city of different cultures. The country's language is Dutch, but English is quite common.

History from the past and present

Before the XVI, only the tree was used for building. The swampy ground could not withstand the stone buildings. The first stone structure is the Royal Palace. To strengthen the foundation, it took 14 thousand piles. In the west of the country, in the province of North Holland, where Amsterdam is located, the climate is temperate, but with frequent heavy winds and storms.

amsterdam on the map

Houses here are incredibly narrow at the base, butexpand upward. Why? It's very simple: a large tax was levied for the width of the building. The facade of the narrowest building has a width of 1 meter. Stairs and doors are so narrow that furniture is sometimes delivered through windows (which, by the way, are considered second doors).

amsterdam on the map

Amsterdam on the map occupies the north-western partNetherlands. This is the most populous European city. On one kilometer of square area there are 470 people. Here nobody uses cars. The main vehicle is ... a bicycle.

in which country amsterdam

Native inhabitants of Amsterdam willingly live in houses on a floating foundation (on barges). Today, the city has more than 2500 thousand houseboats.

Entertainment (free)

The country where Amsterdam is located, will not let tourists get bored. Every quarter of an hour from the pier a free ferry leaves. You can get to Amsterdam-Nord. You will be surprised by the beautiful view of the river Hey.

amsterdam on the map

On the channel Single there is an unusual sight - a cat's boat. This is a kind of floating house for homeless cats. Here you can play with cats at least the whole day.

The factory for polishing diamonds provides a free tour. Everyone has the opportunity to see how the cutting of diamonds occurs.

Interesting facts about Amsterdam

  • April 27 is celebrated King's Day. The date refers to the birthday of the monarch Willem-Alexander (before this holiday was celebrated on April 30, in memory of Queen Beatrix's mother). On this day, all the residents dress up in the family color of the Orange Dynasty - orange.
  • Amsterdam is located below sea level. There is an interesting legend that once the water almost washed away the dam and did not flood the city. A boy passing by noticed that water was flowing through the hole. He plugged it with his finger and began to call for help.
  • In what country Amsterdam, such an unusual city, can be located? The answer is unusual! In the Netherlands, even the government sits not in the capital, but in The Hague.
  • The main part of the Dutchcoffeeshops. And no, this is not a coffee house. Here visitors are offered products from cannabis. Such institutions are legitimate, because their activities are determined by the "Opium Law".
  • Amsterdam became the first city where homosexual marriages were allowed. And prostitution is also regulated by law. Taxes, social package - everything is as it should be.

where is Amsterdam

Amsterdam is very popular with tourists. And not only within the country - it refers to those cities in Europe, which are most loved by tourists. On the one hand, here is allowed something on which in other countries a strict prohibition is imposed. On the other hand, it is, surprisingly, a safe city. The country where Amsterdam is located has something to attract guests.

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