How correctly to write an exposition on the Russian language


When a person is to write an exposition onRussian language, at first glance the task is not difficult. It seems that there is nothing easier: read the text and retell it in your own words. In fact, such conclusions are deceptive: without special preparation, it is impossible to cope with the writing of a good presentation. The school program provides for the learning process throughout the course.

a summary of the Russian language

What exactly to write

Initially, the student is given a task-text withexplanation. First of all, you need to understand what you need to write. This can be a condensed presentation of the Russian language or a detailed announcement. The latter option provides for a thorough and accurate transfer of content. It should be as close to the text as possible. Understanding the main idea helps to facilitate the work.

To write a condensed presentation, it is important to identifykeywords and omit all the points that are not so important for the semantic load. It is worth paying special attention to the possible distortion of the text, since this is unacceptable.

Statement of the Russian language can be selective. It provides for a brief retelling of a specific section of the text. Most often, the content of the passage contains information about characters, a natural phenomenon or an inanimate object.

Right attitude

A statement on the Russian language should be writtenthoughtfully and meaningfully. The first reading of the text is the most important, so you should tune in to a qualitative perception of the content and try to understand the author's main idea. You have to put yourself in the place of the one who wrote this text. This technique will help answer the questions: why is it written, what do you want to say? During the first reading of the source code, it is not recommended that you record anything. But to mark the keywords is still worth it - they will later help to form the right thoughts. The outline will help structure the proposals at the final stage.

how to write an exposition on the Russian language

Style of narration

Before writing an account of the Russian language,you must determine the style of the text. A common mistake many pupils make is changing it in the process of writing a new text. An account of the Russian language can have:

  • Art style. He has characteristic epithets and a careful description of the actions.
  • Scientific: naked facts and terms.
  • Publicistic: book format.
  • Officially-business.
  • Colloquial.

You should carefully observe the correspondence style of the original source code and presentation.

Type of speech

You also need to set the type of speech:

  • Description. In this case, it is important to determine the subject and highlight its main characteristics, which the author noted.
  • Narration. It is characterized by several key points: an event, a climax, an outcome.
  • Reasoning. The main points: thesis, proof, conclusions.

condensed presentation of the Russian language


At school lessons a presentation of the Russian languageis written after listening to the source text. After completing the reading, the drafter writes a draft. It is worth noting that in the presentation one can not express one's own point of view - this is not an essay, review or composition. Therefore, it is necessary to convey only the opinion of the author, his thoughts. Making your own adjustments to the content is unacceptable.

Final check

Before rewriting the received text inIt is necessary to check the compliance of the author's logical conclusions with his own. If there are discrepancies, the Russian language should be rewritten. It is also important to check the suggestions for the tautology, replace the frequently repeated words with synonyms. To avoid piling up punctuation errors it is recommended to build simple sentences.

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