The best exercise for memorizing words and letters


Often children, as, indeed, adults,It is necessary to remember any words or letters. This applies not only to foreign languages, which are not just learned, but also our native Russian language, which is rich in a variety of simple and complex words. But what if you do not succeed at all? Put your hands down and take on another job? Or all the same try?

If you have ever encountered this problem,then this article will be a rescue for you. These exercises to memorize words will help you and your children to develop their memory, learn to memorize words or letters more quickly. Here you can choose which exercise is best.

memory exercise


One very simple exercise for remembering -"enumeration". Let's say the words "picture, carburetor, charger, flowers, nebula, grapes, kitchen set ..." are given. A person reads these words twice, and then from memory he must remember everything he has just read. Words can be selected according to the age of the person, the type of his activity, the next holidays or the season change.

This exercise can be modified and complicated. For example, a person should not only remember words, but also make an offer with them without losing a single one.

Exercise "Describe a picture"

Imagine a picture of a parrot thatsits on the perch. We are given the words: "claws, diamond, grass, autumn leaves, tongs, chocolate." And now, using your imagination to the maximum, we explain how the parrot in the picture can be related to these words.

With his hands the parrot holds onto the perch as ifTWINS, his eyes are like DIAMONDS, his plumage is green, like a TRAVA, but there are orange flashes, like an AUTUMN LEAF, the parrot's beak looks like an external view of the TONGS, the perch on which is a parrot, the colors "bitter CHOCOLATE". Such an exercise for remembering will not only help to develop a child's memory, but will also show his imagination.

 exercises for memorizing letters

Series of words

For the next exercise, to memorize letters you will need an assistant. Write a series of words. Let's say 20 pieces. In the series on the right, write words that somehow relate to the left. For example:

  • The globe is a map.
  • A dog is a booth.
  • A horticulturist is a wheelbarrow.
  • Pencil is an eraser.
  • Hypotenuse - the legs.
  • Honey is a bee.
  • Tree - leaves.
  • A flash drive is a floppy drive.
  • Internet - social networks.
  • Flowers - flower bed.
  • Space is a planet.
  • Sunflower seeds.
  • Washing machine - powder.
  • The farm is a cow.
  • Headphones - music.
  • Toothbrush - toothpaste.
  • A casket is a decoration.
  • Coffee is a Turk.
  • Sausage is a sandwich.
  • A candle is a flame.
  • Portrait - pencils.

Read all the phrases, and then closeright column. From memory, restore the words and write them in front of each left. Do not forget that a number of words also depend on the age of the child. This suggests that the words that are used in the exercise must be familiar to the child. Such tasks are actively used in teaching children English.

Many from one

Another exercise to memorize. (One of the most typical options is presented, you can finish it based on the age, possibilities, hobbies and desires of a person, you can make it easier or harder, the main thing is the principle). Before you picture animals, things, flowers, insects, books, cities, cars, music groups ... Within one minute you should remember all the pictures. After that, on paper, write down all the items in alphabetical order.

exercise for memorizing the multiplication table

This task is used in different interpretationsand almost every intellectual marathon or game. It is performed with pleasure by both adults and children. You are given a long word, for example: "shipwreck". The task is to compile as many words as possible from the letters of the given word. (Slave, cancer, varnish, ball, shock, block, seam, wide, slag). With the same principle, exercises are used to memorize the English alphabet. Such an exercise can be turned into a whole game, charging the child for each word as many points as the letters in the word.

Exercise "personal advice"

exercises to memorize words

Once the teachers of the Russian language andliterature was forced to rewrite large works of art by those who had problems with spelling, punctuation ... You want to remember something, write these words or texts. Rewrite several times a day, write in drafts, on bookmarks in prominent places, social networks. This will help you remember the material faster. Also, the more you read, the better your visual memory develops.

Such exercises for memorizing the multiplication table are actively used for children of lower grades, who find it difficult to learn a large number of numbers.

Double letters

If you can not remember the words with doubledvowels or consonants, what to do then? This will help memorize one single story. We take a few words, in which you constantly forget how the letter "t" or "tt" is written. Words: thaw, passport, attraction, confetti, cottage, shade. Now we come up with a small script, in which these words could meet. "When the thaw came, and the guys from the cottage settlement" Confetti "received their certificates, they went to the attraction" shade ". This is all, of course, very subjective. Everyone should choose words that he can not remember. In your head with the help of fantasy put it in a holistic plot and remember.


exercise for memorizing English words

Do you know the word "cryptography"? This is some encryption of letters, numbers or other useful information. You, too, can feel like a detective or an archaeologist studying the ancient language, and, moreover, pumping out your memory and the ability to memorize words or letters. You can come up with a cipher yourself, or you can ask someone from your environment about it (so it will be more interesting). It is necessary to encrypt, for example, the alphabet or numbers and signs of arithmetic operations. Encryption can be various simple drawings, geometric shapes or just any symbols. Decrypt every day at least one "message" or "example", and your memory will be just stunning. Also, you can use exercises to memorize English words, encrypting them with numbers and symbols.

exercises for memorizing the English alphabet

Poems on the contrary

We were taught to learn poems from the kindergarten. But the essence of this exercise is not to remember as many poems as possible from beginning to end and tell them to your surroundings, but to memorize the poem from the end to its beginning. Yes, yes, word by word from the end to the beginning of the poem. It does not turn out: "You do not love me, do not you regret, Is not I a little beautiful?", But: "I'm not very handsome, you do not regret it, do not you love me?".

Different logical games, monopolies, strategies will also help you develop memory and memorize words and letters with ease.

Undoubtedly, to someone a certain exercise onmemorization may not be suitable, someone can help more, and someone in less. To some people they seem complicated, and others will master them in two counts. Always the most important thing is desire. Do not stop. If you know your enemy in person (as a rule, a person's enemy is his own faults), you can defeat him, defeat yourself. Exercise, overcoming all difficulties, and you will submit to any top. Your memory will be very powerful, and your abilities great. As the great theoretical physicist Albert Einstein said: "Life is like driving a bicycle. To maintain balance, you must move. "

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