How to write a story based on what you heard?


Write a story based on what some heardcan seem a really difficult task, despite the fact that there is nothing complicated in the process. Nevertheless, if you do not understand such questions, you should not panic ahead of time, because from the article you will learn how to facilitate the process of writing.


As in any other writings or other texts,a story based on what is heard should contain some beginning. In it, you can either express your own point of view about the question that was raised during the reading, or very briefly state what the speech was about, what you heard.

A story based on what was heard


The story about what is heard should include several things:

  • summary;
  • explanation;
  • personal opinion.

So, a brief summary. This does not mean that you need to completely retell everything that you heard, not at all, you do not write a statement. The essay should cover only the very essence of what the teacher has read and transmit it in a brief, condensed form. Hence follows the second point.

Explanation. To correctly and adequately write both a summary and a personal opinion, you must determine the meaning of what was heard. Yes, there are Texans "about anything", but it is unlikely that you will choose a fragment for the composition. Most likely, you will have to listen to an interesting, informative story, on the basis of which you will have to make your own. You should write in a retelling not just a summary, but the very meaning of it. This will not only help in the future to make up your own opinion and do a decent job, but will also raise you in the eyes of others, because the ability to grasp, squeeze and rework information in your head is an extremely useful skill that can be useful to any person in the future.

Of course, what composition without personal opinion orrelationship to the issue under discussion? Without this, you simply will not get a qualitative text, no matter how hard you try, as the usual retelling will not stop there. Since this topic is considered one of the main elements of a worthy story, we carried it out separately.

Composition-story based on what was heard

Personal attitude

It's not very important what topic you get. Even if you do not know much about it, at least you should have an idea about it. No matter, the essence of the matter is in the pollution of nature or something else, the main thing is to try our best to convey to your potential readers your point of view, your opinion, because the story, and especially the essay-story based on what you heard, is no different from ordinary and familiar texts, where the main role is given to personal impressions.

Among other things, you should try to explain,how exactly did you understand what you heard in order to make an excellent story. On the basis of what you hear, the foundation of your work will be built, so if you do not fully understand what was being said, try to devote a little time to thinking, because this is really important. You must make it clear to the reader that you yourself are aware of what you are writing about, otherwise it will be a useless text with an unknown reasoning that comes from.

Story about what was heard


So now you know how to write correctlya story based on what was heard. Use this knowledge wisely and create such texts so that you can truly be proud of them. It can not always happen the first time, so it will not be superfluous also to recall that only practice is able to help. One theory will always not be enough, so if you have free time and the desire not to give up at a critical moment, when it's time to write the same story, then ask friends, parents or a brother / sister to help you. Let someone read you a text, after which you will have to try to write an essay. It is advisable that an adult, literate person, able to notice your mistakes (it's not just about spelling and punctuation ones) helps to practice you and guide you on the right path.

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