The Tsarevich is the heir to the imperial throne


In the modern Russian Federation is fullhighly educated people who do not need to explain that the princess is first and foremost a man who will inherit the throne after the death of his father-emperor. We are writing an article for schoolchildren.

How and when did this title appear

Peter the Great, having made his wife the empress, gave to his daughters Anna, Elizabeth and Natalia in 1721 the title of a crown princess, but did not make them her heirs.

cesarevitch is
As you know, before his death he never handed over power to anyone. I could not find a person worthy of this honor, who would continue his work.

For the Empress this title sounded in those days as a cesarean, and her daughters were accordingly tsarevary.

For the imperial son

Tsesarevich is the title of heir to the throne. It appeared in 1762, when the boy Pavel Petrovich was eight years old.

In principle, the Tsarevich and the Tsesarevich are full of wordsadequate, which come from one Latin root "Caesar" or "Caesar", that is, the emperor. A cesarevitch is someone who has not yet reached the throne. At the same time, if the power is usurped, as it was in Ekaterina Alekseevna, then this title can be worn by the heir for a very long time. Usurpers, who have reached power, do not aspire to voluntarily part with it, it already gets to them quite often after the crime.

The Tsarevich is by our standards (if not counting,that the Great Britain is not an empire) Prince of Wales, who lived his whole life as heir, but his mother, Queen Elizabeth II, is a long-lived and legitimately, successfully ruling country. And her son is already pretty old. He grew up not only children, but his grandchildren are growing up. Here's how things stand with the heirs of the throne.

We will now return to times distant from us.

Poor Pavel

For ten years the Empress Elizabeth Petrovna was waiting,that the royal couple Peter and Catherine would give her a grandson. After the birth in 1764, rumors spread that the baby is not Peter's son: the child was either changed or he was the son of Count Saltykov. But this way or otherwise, it is not known.

Nevertheless Peter recognized the child, and the EmpressElizabeth took the kid from her parents. She wished that his upbringing would go under her supervision. After her death, Catherine made a coup with the guards and became empress. She did not like her child, kept away from herself, but gave him a wonderful education.

title of heir to the empire
She did not even celebrate his majority. Pavel Petrovich was not allowed to state affairs. Having married him, Catherine took from him the two elder sons of Alexander and Constantine and brought them up, as she thought was right, letting her parents occasionally meet with them. So Pavel Petrovich lived in Gatchina with his family, for fear that the mother's guards would soon arrive and be arrested. Over the years, he became suspicious, sullen, incredulous and enthusiastically engaged only in his regiment.

Title of the heir to the throne in the Russian EmpirePavel Petrovich was thirty-four years old. He knew that his mother wanted to pass around the throne to his beloved grandson Alexander. Therefore, upon learning of her death, he quickly destroyed all the papers relating to this issue, and finally became emperor.

He did not last long (slightly more than four years) anddied after the palace conspiracy. In the memory of the Russians, he remained in jokes, in absurd laws, which he often established, and was forgotten as a man who brought order to the succession in the imperial house, weakened the position of the nobility, improved the life of the peasants, resolved the question of freedom of religion, introduced new military regulations that strengthened the army.

In the emigration

cesarevitch Paul Petrovich

After a bloody and inhuman massacrethe royal family of the Romanovs did not have direct heirs on the male line. In emigration monarchists argue who deserves to be called a Crown Prince. To the general opinion, they do not come, and they call themselves so Georgiy Mikhailovich, who has a relationship with the Romanovs on the maternal line.

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