Chimera. What is and what does this creature look like?


Scripture and myths of ancient peoples are richdescriptions of unusual animals. Amazing animals excited the imagination of society, they were amazed and surprised. Most of them were fictional creatures, although later some strange animals, such as the hippopotamus and echidna, found their real prototypes in the terrestrial fauna. One of the creatures that have remained forever in the world of fantasy and fiction, has become a chimera. What ximera? The meaning of this term will be discussed in this article. You will find out what this amazing creation in the world of myths and legends was.

Ancient Greece

In ancient Greece, the meaning of the word "chimera" can bewas to learn from myths. In one of the legends, the so-called fierce monster, the product of Echidna and Tryphon, was called that. The chimera had three heads, which were located along the body of the beast. One head was lion's, grew on the shoulders, the goat's head was adorned with the back, and the tail of the monster ended with a poisonous snake.

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The front half of the beast's body was a lion, andthe back part is goat. The ferocious temper and the fire-breathing mouth were complemented by the terrible outlines of the monster. The ancient Greeks were afraid to visit remote areas of the province of Lycia - it was believed that it was there that the chimaera lived. What is the neighborhood meant for the inhabitants of those areas, it is not difficult to guess. The beast destroyed crops and exterminated livestock, abducted and devoured the inhabitants.

No brave man dared approachthe beast's lair, although attempts to restrain the chimera have been undertaken repeatedly. The king of Lycia sent to the chimera and lonely daredevils, and whole armies. But none of them returned with a victory.

The glorious warrior Bellerophon, son of King Corinth, decidedto fight with a terrible beast. Riding his winged horse, he flew to the den where the chimera lived. What a monster is, he knew. He also knew about the impossibility of defeating him from the ground, so he immediately got into the air and struck the chimera with all the arrows that he had.

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After Bellerophon became convinced that the beastHe died, he descended to the ground and cut off all three heads of the beast. One of these heads as a token of victory the hero presented to the Tsar of Lycia. In honor of the brilliant Victoria, the city of Corinth inserted the image of the monster in its coat of arms.
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From the Greek mythology, the chimera changed to legendsEtruscans and Ancient Rome. In the 13th century, on the excavations of the Etruscan burial, a figure of a chimera was found, the outlines of which completely repeated the Greek myth. Known these creatures were in North Africa and the Middle East.

Middle Ages

In the Middle Ages Greek myths were unfamiliarmost, and about what it means to a chimera, was not known to many. But rumors of amazing and terrible animals went all over Europe. The revival of the chimera on this continent coincided with the heyday of the Gothic architecture. Metal and stone gutters adorned the roofs of many houses and cathedrals built in the Middle Ages. Such drains were called "gargoyle" - from the French gargouille. Gargoyles were decorated with sculptures of menacinganimals, which, fortunately, did not exist in the real world. Mythical chimeras and gargoyles often stood side by side, decorating the roofs of cathedrals and churches. So the neighbor of the gargoyle, a bizarre figure on the drain, became known as the "chimera". What did the animal have in common with the Greek prototype? Almost nothing, but the sculptors worried about it.

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The medieval chimera had one head with a goatee and horns. Terrible sculptures of chimeras and gargoyles adorned the walls, roofs of palaces and temples, driving away evil spirits and other evil spirits.

New time

Centuries passed, and the names of fictional creaturesmoved into literary and colloquial speech. The word "chimera" began to denote vain dreams and fruitless hopes. At present, the word is left only in the literary monuments of the last century, and in colloquial speech is practically not used.

Chimera in biology

This word is also used in scientific works. For example, some specific organisms designate biologists as the word "chimera". What is the name in scientific lexicon? Each cell of a normal organism contains a homogeneous genetic material. Chimera is an organism, each cell of which contains genes of various modifications. This combination in a set of genes arises as a result of a mutation or a violation of the process of cell division.

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