Target area: the pros and cons of free education


Tuition in universities on a fee basistoday it has become the norm, but the problem is that many really talented and capable young people can not afford to get higher education. There are very few budget places, so only a few can study free of charge. But there is one more way how to get a diploma of higher education and yet not pay a penny from your own pocket - this is the target direction.

What is the target direction to the university and how is itget? The target direction is a direction from a specific organization that undertakes to pay for the training of a particular student. In return, the enterprise requires the student to perform mandatory work after graduating from the university for a period of 3 years. If, for any reason, the target can not return to work, he undertakes to return all the money spent on his training.

The target direction has both advantagesand shortcomings. If you consider the good sides, then first of all it should be noted that after graduating from the university you do not need to look for work, there is already an organization that has prepared a workplace for yesterday's student. The student studies on a budgetary basis and receives a scholarship. He does not have problems with finding a place for passing pre-diploma practice. In addition, all materials for scientific and coursework, as well as thesis work will be collected at the enterprise that issued the target direction.

Target direction
But there are disadvantages in such training. As a rule, students do not really want to repay the debt to the company that paid for their education, so they are looking for detours, so that they do not work out, but they do not return money either. Not always the organization that directs students can provide high-paying and prestigious work with the possibility of further career growth. In addition, a student can not change a profession only if it is not very closely related to another. Needless to say, it is necessary to study well, because organizations regularly make a request to universities, checking the progress of target groups.

Target direction is
It is known that the passing score on the targetthe direction is much lower than for budget places, so even threeconomists can get here. On the other hand, there are few target sites, so it's rather problematic to pass the competition. First it is necessary to pass the selection at the enterprise, and then at the university, where enrollment will be based on the results of the USE. Those who did not get to the target sites can act on general grounds, as the order to enroll "target" appears before the order to enroll other students.

In general, targeted education receives "its"people. It can be children whose parents work at the enterprise, entrants who were still on the school bench, managed to stand out, participating in thematic Olympiads organized by the enterprise. Also, the quick-witted young people who are on time and who have collected the necessary documents can become targets.

What is the target direction for the university?
In principle, it is not so difficult to become a target -there would be a desire. It is necessary to find out in advance about the enterprises conducting the corresponding competitions, to determine with which universities they cooperate. If everything is suitable, then you need to quickly collect documents and participate in competitive selection.

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