The history of the press or which people invented paper


Asking the question of what kind of people inventedpaper should consider the history of the press, which begins with the development of letters in Egypt, Babylon and China. It is here that three main printing systems emerged.

In Egypt, several thousand years ago, they cut outhistorical narratives on the stones of the pyramids. Also, written signs were found on the brick ruins of Babylon. Ancient libraries were records on clay boards, and a little later on stone and bronze plates.

Progress was the discovery of papyrus as a materialfor the writing, the people of Egypt. But due to the limited spread of papyrus, as well as the difficulties in its production, a new kind of material for writing appeared-parchment, which was distinguished by its strength. However, all these materials were not suitable for mass printing of books, it was required to create cheap new material. Thus, paper was soon invented. However, many people have questions about which country they invented the paper in.

According to many legends it was in 153 BCin China, paper was invented. And this is not accidental, because this country was famous for its book wisdom, so there was a constant need for inexpensive material for writing. The raw material for her was the fiber of bamboo and silk wood. Inventor Tai Lun, these components are boiled, crushed, and from the resulting mass formed sheets, called "shea". So the Chinese pushed the bark of the tree to separate the fibers, the resulting mixture was poured onto large trays, the bottom of which was lined with narrow bands of bamboo. After the water glass, sheets of paper dried on a flat surface, covered with old rags and bamboo. Somewhat later, the quality of the paper was improved by adding starch in its manufacture. Also sometimes glue and various natural dyes were added.

However, in the last century in the northern province of China, a tomb was found in the Baoz cave, where sheets of paper dating back to the 2nd century BC were found. Scientists who studied for a long time, which people invented the paper, finally foundthe answer to this question. They found that this paper was made from hemp and silk, which was produced from defective cocoons of silkworms. According to some Chinese legends, women cooked silkworm cocoons, washed them and crushed them until a paper mass was obtained, after which the resulting sheets were dried. This paper was called "wadded", its cost was high enough, because the raw materials for its production were very expensive.

In the time of Tai Lun paper became widespreadmaterial not only for writing, but also for many other needs. However, the paper of the Chinese people had a significant drawback - it was loose, so the paint that was applied to it when writing, spread, and it was very easily torn.

Having information about which people invented the paper, you can see how the technology of manufacturing it spread all over the world. So, the technology of its manufacture gradually moved to the West, becomingpart of the culture of other nations. Gradually, the Chinese transfer the method of making paper to Persia, Arabia, Egypt, and from these countries - to Europe. Since the XV century, paper production is beginning to grow, but it was quite primitive. So, the mass used for the production of paper was grinded by hand with wooden hammers in stupas with a mesh bottom.

Such an important event as the invention of paper inChina had great consequences for the country and the whole world, for the first time in the history of mankind people got accessible material for writing, which is not replaced until today. Currently, Tai Lun is considered to be the greatest inventor in the history not only of China, but of all mankind. Therefore, if the question arises as to which people invented the paper, it can be safely asserted that this is the great Chinese people.

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