What is flirting?


In the modern world, every girl seeksLearn what flirting is, because it wants to master it perfectly. This is really an art that existed in ancient times. Flirtation is a serious weapon of a woman, allowing to seduce any man.

At present, there are a lot of interpretations,describing what flirting is. Most of them converge in a single opinion, which represents this concept, as a method of seduction. A standard set of all women includes a smile, a look, gestures. As a rule, a man wants to see in the girl a weak and gentle creature, which he must protect and protect in every possible way. At the same time, no one needs other people's problems, so the main rule is a positive attitude, a bright smile and a funny laugh. These seemingly inconspicuous little things are of great importance to the opposite sex, so they should pay special attention.

Now almost every bookstore oron the Internet you can find books that describe in detail what flirting is. It will be useful for a woman who has decided to not only master the basics of the art of attracting men, but also to understand how to flirt correctly. After reading the recommendations, you can begin to practice. First, you must select a specific object. It's better if you have common friends, because after asking about his preferences and preferences, it is much easier to interest a man.

If you belong to that category of women,who are interested in how to learn to flirt, then you need to remember five basic rules. Firstly, in no case can you clearly show your interest, do not impose your society on a representative of the opposite sex. A competent flirtation is to interest the partner, perhaps with a phrase or an unusual gesture, and then, keeping intrigue, step aside. After all, a man is essentially a hunter, let him think that he chose you and won. Secondly, do not unceremoniously break into the conversation and try to show their superiority over the object of the experiment, since too smart women in most cases are simply afraid and avoided.

Thirdly, remember that the last word is alwaysshould be for a man, even when you think his decision is completely inappropriate or irrational. You can express your opinion, but in a very delicate form. As the fourth rule, the main female advantage is cunning. Do not act directly, sometimes a wise woman does not talk or hide something, so as not to upset the young person. Thanks to cunning, you can even get a gift, which you've been dreaming about for a long time, while the man will be in full confidence that it occurred to him completely unexpectedly. But we know what's the matter. Well, the fifth rule is very simple: in the desire to quickly learn all the subtleties of flirting there is a chance to overdo it. It is worth to moderate their ardor, because the male sex attracts women who are in absolute harmony with themselves and others. All the emotions in a relationship are good, if they are dosed, that is, they are shown moderately.

Many girls know what flirting is, and skillfullythis is used. However, they completely do not think about the consequences. Unfortunately, successful men of our time are not used to spending time on empty courtship, so if one of them spends the evening with you, then most likely, the desire for an intima follows. If you are not sure of a partner and certainly are not ready to have sex with him, it makes sense to pre-set all the points to "and" and discuss this point. Over time, these rules will become a habit, and flirting will become a way of life. Good luck!

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