Condoms Luxe: types, reviews


The only contraceptive,guaranteeing not only protection from sexually transmitted diseases, but also from an unwanted pregnancy by 99% - a condom. On this advantage, latex products are not limited. Many manufacturers, wishing to surprise their potential consumers, produce multi-colored, luminous, flavored and pleasant to taste and smell, with all kinds of flavor additives reminiscent of berries or fruits, ribbed, with pimples or tendrils condoms.

Luxe Condoms
Special specimens - for those who are not afraid to leavefrom everyday, dull classics, be extravagant and give a special, incomparable pleasure to your partner. Achievement of the scientific and technological revolution in combination with a special taste, comfort and uniqueness - just such are Luxe condoms.

About Luxlite

Manufacturer of premium condoms -Shenyang company "Luxlite" - created a new line that can surprise and interest anyone. The company was founded in 2000, and for 16 years now it has been a leader in the Russian market, specializing not only in the issue of condoms, but also lighters, playing cards and anti-smoking devices. Condoms company "Luxlite" makes of high-quality natural latex. At the same time, each batch is tested not only by electronics, but also by dermatologists in laboratories.

Luxe condoms are manufactured in accordance with WHO requirements, which is confirmed by the relevant quality certificates.

Condoms Lux: types

The high quality of the products produced, as well as the unusual range and high quality play a decisive role, making Luxlee's condoms the leader in the sex products market.

Condoms Luxe Reviews

  • Condoms with ribs and convex edges from natural high-quality latex for unforgettable sensations and maximum satisfaction of the partner: "Screaming Banana", "Kiss of the Angel", etc.
  • Condoms Luxe with spikes, special lubrication,antennae in a spiral, flavored and luminous, able to make any night unforgettable, unique, full of passion and pleasure: "Prayer Virgin", "Ancient Instinct", "East Star", etc.

"Prayer of a virgin"

Condoms Luxe "The Virgin's Prayer"are made in China from natural latex, are covered with silicone grease, a standard anatomical form, with small balls for additional stimulation of the vagina, unromed, eighteen centimeters long, five centimeters wide four millimeters and 0.06 mm thick. The quality is checked by electronics.

Condoms Luxe
Exclusive condoms are only intendedfor single use. One condom with three small balls for additional stimulation is packed in a standard cardboard package. Available in free sale in the intim-markets of Russia and CIS countries. The average cost is from 40 to 90 rubles apiece. Protect from infection with sexually transmitted diseases and unwanted pregnancy. Not intended for anal or oral sex. It is acceptable to use in parallel with lubricants on water or silicone basis.

Condoms Luxe customer reviews

You can find enough reviews about condomsfirm "Lux" "Prayer of the Virgin". Men write that, despite the small size, they are quite comfortable, do not require additional lubrication lubricant. The balls are securely fixed, do not interfere and do not create a feeling of discomfort during the act.
Women note that due to the unusualdesign and relief of condoms, there are new unforgettable impressions. The appearance and subtlety of the product gives a special charm to the sexual act, which makes it possible to feel the partner without feeling obstacles in the form of latex.

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