Signs of a man in love: the rules of Love-diagnostics


If you are overtaken by love, thinkit becomes analytically difficult. And really want to know about his true feelings. Small parts suddenly acquire great significance, often they are interpreted bias. Are there any signs of a man in love? Yes, and they are easy to see.

Time for the main thing

If a man has tender feelings for a woman,he tries to find time for it every day. Even if it's only 5 minutes. In the brain of a lover, a focus of increased excitement is formed, and each new thought of the beloved enhances this effect. And the more often a man sees the object of his passion, the more pleasant thoughts come to his mind. Signs of love in a man - the search for contacts, "random" meetings under an awkward pretext, delaying the meeting time.

There is a contact

The man who fell in love with you, be surewill try to communicate with you as much as possible not only directly, but also send SMS, e-mail, call more often than usual. Signs of a man in love that can be identified in a telephone conversation: a drop in tone, a slowing of speech, a kind of insinuating. Many men prefer to hide their deep love. Although talk about the cute seek, but about their feelings while not even talking to friends.

Commendable selectivity

Men like to look at girls.Most tend to look back if a beautiful woman passed by. But loving men do so much less often. Of course, if they see Angelina Jolie on the street, she will obviously look at her a second time. However, most often other girls for a man in love cease to exist.

Application for rights

Signs of a man in love sometimes becomevery bright. For example, when you start paying a lot of attention to his competitor. A man who treats you in a special way will jealously follow all the men in your circle. He may even ask you to evaluate his personality in some way. Or even directly ask what you like about his opponent. The lover wants to be exceptional, so you'll see how he strains even when talking about another man. Especially if you praise his opponent.

Pampering and only

It is important for a lover to have you well.Clear signs of a man in love are touching manifestations of caring about your health and mood. During a conversation on the case, he may be distracted by the question of whether you dined. He will try to guess your desires. This will manifest itself in the fact that he will inquire if he liked his gift. And he will wait for the answer with bated breath. He will watch your sad looks in the direction of the windows and, perhaps, will surprise you. Signs of man's love necessarily include this point - caring for the feelings of the beloved.

In a narrow circle

When a man is in love in earnest, he mustwill acquaint you with your closest friends, and sometimes even with relatives. And this is a very serious sign. Usually, only women who are really dear to the heart are so close. After all, doing this is tantamount to officially declaring you your girlfriend.

Communication in style VIP

The beloved becomes very authoritativeman for a loving man. And even the most notorious macho begin to reckon with the female opinion. Intellectual respect is an indispensable component of true love and an indispensable condition for the transition of love into love. Without the kinship of minds, this lasting feeling does not emerge. So be ready to match and grow intellectually.

All the symptoms for the diagnosis of "love" needanalyze, however do not forget to think holistically: the lover will show almost all the signs from the list, but not always absolutely everything. Or maybe he just needs to support at the stage of the origin of feelings and the fire of passion?

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