If a man loves and avoids, what's the problem?


Surely, many women are wondering,What to do if a man loves and avoids at the same time. After all, you can see that the attitude towards you, let's say, not indifferent, there are looks and compliments, but the chosen one is panically afraid of being alone with you. What's the matter? It is necessary to try to consider the situation from the side, since it is quite possible that the reason for this problem is you.

if a man loves and avoids
The presence of a sense of humor in women is alwayswelcome, the question is, how much it is developed. If a man loves and avoids crossing with you in a conversation, confining himself to just on-duty phrases, most likely he is afraid of being ridiculed by you. You can joke, offending his pride, but it is no less vulnerable than yours. And if a man has repeatedly witnessed your wits in the direction of colleagues, then he does not dare to come closer than a cannon shot.

does a man love a woman
In the event that you are used to command, insurrounded with zeal to defend positions and listen only to your opinion, prepare for a similar result. No matter how trembling the feelings of representatives of the strong half of humanity, they can not play a second role, so it is inherent in nature in their genes. If a man loves and avoids discussing any issues in your company, most likely he is simply afraid to be disappointed in the subject of his admiration, since you absolutely do not care about the opinion from the outside.

These examples relate to situations where a womanyou must necessarily understand your character, learn to keep silent and think carefully about your jokes, perhaps for someone they are quite offensive. But what if a man loves and avoids the slightest hint of talking about family, about marriage? Do not pressure him, try to understand the reason for this behavior. If the matter is in his observations of the unsuccessful experience of family life with friends or relatives, show him that you have a completely different situation, he should be sure that everything will turn out. But in the event that he is a strong self-sufficient male, whom a woman needs only for status, and talk about marriage is conducted solely with a touch of irony, run away, because this person can not become an ideal husband.

In modern life it sometimes becomes quiteIt is difficult to understand whether a man loves a woman or is simply comfortable with being with her. There are some representatives of the stronger sex who subconsciously look for someone to be the patroness, the so-called mother. Such a woman will always help, tell, protect, caress and comfort, but with love these relations are called rather difficult, they remind the family only from the perspective of the mother and the child.

why a man avoids communication
To understand why a man avoids communication,you need to be able to put yourself in his place. Perhaps you were too persistent, stop in this case he is forced to. Do not forget that a man is attracted to that lady who needs to be striven, with efforts, and not one that readily agrees to everything. Become the kind of woman you want to conquer, and then the object of your adoration will definitely avoid you.

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