Male infidelity, or How to survive the betrayal of her husband?


Waltz Mendelssohn, romantic hopes andiridescent dreams associated with a loved one - it seems, more recently it was a reality. And the result is disappointment, pain and the search for an answer to the question: "How to survive the betrayal of a husband?".

Familiar scenario, is not it ?! And, not only familiar, but also quite common. After all, according to statistics, at least 60-70% of men change their wives. The reasons for this are very different, but the result is usually simple and trivial: women's tears, anguish of jealousy and tormenting thought: "How to live after the betrayal of her husband?".

Rarely, what female representative afterthe betrayal of his man does not ask this question. The first reaction is usually an irrepressible desire to divorce from a traitor. Make him hurt and make him regret his act. But a sensible woman should be guided not by emotions and feelings. A solution, especially one that can turn over a lifetime, must be weighed and necessarily considered. It is not necessary to solve this issue in a temper, since married life with such an unpleasant fact of betrayal is not only disappointment. Positive in life there is also, it simply needs to be able to find and really look at it. Perhaps, the scales will still outweigh the preservation of family ties ?! And the fact of treason will go down in the summer or the past? But anyway, what has happened is still a reality, and some of the tips will not be superfluous in solving the problem: "How to survive the betrayal of a husband?".

First, it is necessary to try "to take yourself inhands "and stop thinking that this is the end of all dreams and the complete collapse of all life. This is far from the case. Living with a man or without him - this can always find their charms. And put an end to your life after the betrayal of her husband is not worth it. On the contrary, it is just necessary to "sober" look at things.

For starters, it would be nice to look at my husband, hisattitude to what happened and try to find out about his future plans. Treason is also different. It can be single and repeated. To survive and forgive treason is one-time much easier. Who does not inherent errors? If the husband frankly regrets the incident, asks him to forgive, should not he go to a meeting? And at the same time try to really look at things and try to establish the cause of this unpleasant event in order to take further measures to eliminate it. So, the desire to forgive and leave everything in its place is, but that's where the dirty trick is: "And how to forget the betrayal of her husband?". Our memory is an extraordinary and stubborn thing, no, no, and it goes back to what caused the pain. The main thing is "do not get hung up" on this and not glow up the situation. Having discussed once the problem with her husband, do not constantly return to her. It will not bring relief to you or him. In the moments of "the return of the past," it is worth trying to switch thoughts to pleasant things and remember those wonderful moments that you had with this person. A good option will be the desire to add beauty to your life: once again arrange a romantic evening, go out together for a walk and remember the past of youth, please your husband with his irresistible beauty, taking care of yourself - a daily and permanent procedure. Such pleasant little things will allow to distract from gloomy thoughts and to turn a life in the necessary channel.

The second variant of treason (repeated) entailsmuch more trouble and consequences. This option is a kind of "double-edged sword": the husband can change constantly and with different women, without experiencing a special affection for them, and can be so carried away by the rival that his further plans are divorce and nothing less. But here again you should not despair. The answer to the question: "How to survive the betrayal of her husband?" Definitely is. As stated earlier, life with a man or without it has its own charms. It is necessary to accept the fact of divorce as inevitable and to try to find the purpose of its further life, remembering that life without purpose is a waste of time. Your main goal in this case can be children. They compensate for the pain of a kind of loss. Other goals may be the following: "I will please myself" - find yourself a hobby worthy of you and devote your time to it - it can be either a hobby or a favorite interesting work. Surround yourself with pleasant people - the time spent with them will beautify your life. And most importantly - look for a positive in life. He is, he just needs to be found. Remember this, as well as that in the search for an answer to the question: "How to survive the betrayal of a husband?" There is not and can not be a single recipe for solving the problem. Each situation is individual and has its own subtleties, which must be taken into account, so as not to cause yourself unnecessary pain and not destroy your life.

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