How to part with a loved one and maintain a sense of dignity


The human life is full of surprises, which are soor otherwise guide us through the winding roads of fate. Parents and friends, colleagues at work, neighbors or just acquaintances, communicating with us, form our attitude towards them. Communication can raise or spoil the mood, induce to some action, whether it be good or bad deeds. Others can influence us, forcing us to change our mind about something, and sometimes completely forget about what we ourselves want and what we aspired to initially. We tend to listen to the advice of loved ones, respect their opinions, sometimes losing their own ...

Opening the soul, do not always think aboutconsequences. Perhaps the biggest influence on us is the one we love with all our heart. When you fall in love, you begin to observe in yourself some inexplicable changes: you start to love the food your beloved is eating, even if you could not look at these dishes before. You start gradually forgetting about what you like most, listening to his advice, when he asks you to change your wardrobe or change your hair.

how to part with a loved one
Worse, you make fun of yourself tolose weight if he suddenly hinted at the fact that your figure is not all right. Here it is - falling in love ... Waiting for him to meet, preparing dinner for him, trying to create the most pleasant atmosphere for the two of you. You begin to feel that here it is - the ideal of a man, that he is the strongest, most beautiful, intelligent and native. He will always protect you and make sure that you feel good with him. But some time passes, and the whole tale suddenly collapses.

Parting.The reason for it can be anything - his treason or yours. Or maybe he just stopped loving you and has no interest in you as a woman. It happens that the warmth of the relationship is extinguished by the fact that he began to work more and has no opportunity to spend more time with you. In such cases, work slowly but surely replaces you from the heart of the chosen one.

How to part with a loved one? This is a complicated question. Independently with this task not everyone will cope, but it's worth trying, because you need to live on.

Much depends on a person's personal qualities, from hishonesty, masculinity, a sense of responsibility for the one whom "tamed." Not every man can part with a woman so that later she does not want to put her hands on herself. In most cases parting with a loved one does not end in a friendly relationship, but rather generates two angry enemies. This is how stupid people behave, who can not reason with their feelings of resentment. Do not descend to their level, but be smarter. How to part with a loved one in a civilized way? This task is difficult, and not every woman wants to solve it at all, because it's much easier to take offense. The situation exhausts the soul, squeezes out of you all life forces, but this does not mean that you should blindly expose yourself to such tortures.

how to survive the parting with your beloved man
Of course, it's difficult to recover when you are thrownthe one you lived and breathed, who was your ideal, the meaning of life. And now you are sitting alone and crying, not knowing what to do with this clothes that you put on for him, you look in the mirror and hate this hairdo, and generally the changes in appearance that you went all for the sake of your beloved. I want to destroy, destroy, throw away everything that reminds me of this segment of life, which has brought you so much spiritual anguish.

How to part with a loved one and experiencethis minimum of pain? Work and a hobby will help best. First of all, you need to pull yourself together and calm down for at least a couple of minutes. Think - why were all these sacrifices for him? Why did you need to change something in yourself? Most likely, he just did not like, once tried to fashion from you something like a favorite toy. Soul, of course, tears off resentment and anger, and perhaps you suffer from a feeling of guilt in front of him. In any case - all this energy, all these feelings need to be channeled in the right direction - then you will most easily survive the unpleasant separation.

Remember that you like to eat, get out of the closetfavorite dress, clean yourself up and go with your friends in a cafe! Slightly divorced - and already easier. Try to plunge your head into the work - it helps a lot. Remember that you are a living person, having your own tastes, hobbies, after all - your own "I". Burned - it happens. Do not build yourself a victim for a long time. I cried - and stopped. Lying in bed and crying in the pillow, you will experience separation for quite some time. Why do you need this? It's a pity ... It's a pity for yourself and the time spent for a person. Sorry for the deceived hopes and unjustified expectations. But this is not the end of the world! Life is full of surprises. The trouble has already occurred. So, we should expect improvements, because our life is a string of contrasting bands.

If you have good friends - they are sure towill help to spend time actively, far from annoying thoughts. Perhaps one of them has already experienced your situation and can give advice on how to part with a loved one and not lose the desire to live.

survive the parting

Stop feeling sorry for yourself and smile. Everything will happen, you are a woman, and women are known to be strong, intelligent and cunning, which is not always noticeable under our appearance. Outwit the current situation. Rejoice in life, build plans and strive to realize your dreams! Let your man do not think that he can
To mold out of you everything he wants, let him notthinks himself to be your idol, for which you are ready to endure any humiliation. Will ask for back - decide for yourself, is it worth it again to fall into this pool. If you really want, then the question of how to survive the parting with a beloved man, will soon cease to excite you, and even a man is unlikely to once again want to call your beloved. We must be strong, do not succumb to depression and do not cry. Nothing is impossible. We'll survive the parting, whatever it takes!

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