What are they - good compliments to the girl?


Wanting to attract the attention of the girl, the guy can do a lot. But what is the easiest way to do it without making special efforts? To say a compliment. But this is not so easy as it seems at first glance.

100 best compliments to the girl

About subspecies

Few people know that there are several typescompliments. It seems, well, said pleasantness, and yes. But not everything is so simple. There are right and wrong compliments that can both help and harm the guy who wants to make a nice representative of the beautiful half of humanity. Good compliments to the girl will be exact to the category of the right ones. What does this mean? It's all very simple: the right compliment is one that comes from the heart, from the bottom of the heart. Also, it should not be different from reality. Wanting to just lie, the guy can hurt himself and forever lose the lady's trust. Also it is necessary to avoid comparisons, each lady wants to be unique and unique. Duty compliments can be attributed to the category of wrong. Just saying something nice without much sense, a guy can just become an uninteresting girl. And ladies on duty compliments instantly.

What to talk about

good compliments to the girl

Good compliments to the girl can discloseany side of her character, you can also talk about beauty - both external and internal. Great, if you show your admiration for the skills of the lady, her mental abilities, highlight certain skills. But the most pleasant hearing of any woman will be compliments on her appearance. Just noticing, though small, but still a feature of the girl, the guy will be counted in the class of attentive, and therefore good guys.

How to say

Good compliments to the girl can be saiddifferently. It is recommended to pronounce them simply, with a smile and an honest look. And you can try to defuse the atmosphere somewhat and try to rhyme your statements by making appropriate gestures with your hands. The girl is sure to like it, because everyone is interested in guys with a sense of humor. However, despite the gay and comical situation, the compliment will be accepted and appreciated. The main thing that should be paid special attention is honesty, sincerity and confidence in their words. Only then any compliment will be accepted at face value.

How often

best compliments to my girlfriend

Guys may wonder how oftensay good compliments to the girl. Clear time periods and periods no one can distinguish. It is necessary to look at the girl herself. One lady needs pleasant words almost hourly, the other will suffice a substantial and thorough compliment every six months. You can try to soriginalnichat and prepare the best 100 compliments to the girl. Having issued them in a certain notepad and painted on dates, you can make such a gift to your lady and say that every day you need to tear off a piece of paper. So a woman will definitely get one compliment a day. And the guy, moreover, will be a romantic.

No doubt, an eloquent man can easilycaptivate the girl and even turn her head. But how do you think, who will be lucky enough to hear the best compliments? Beloved girl, that's right! After all, only when the heart trembles, and the feelings you want to sing, then the compliments are the most sincere, desired and pleasant.

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