If the husband does not want a wife, what could be the reason?


There is a well-known expression that menalways think about one thing. That is about sex. But, alas, this is not always so, and many married couples live for a very long time without intimacy, while the initiator of this is just the husband. Why is this happening?

If the husband does not want a wife

If a husband does not want a wife, then, as a rule,begins to think about how to fix the current situation and try to change everything. But it is worth remembering that this phenomenon can be temporary. A man, just like a woman, has the right not to want sex because of illness, stasis or fatigue. It happens, and it will soon pass. But where to look for the cause, if the husband does not want a wife all the time, and there is no intimate life at all, or do the contacts happen several times a year?

Women tend to immediately think about a mistress whoappeared at their husband. And their fears are not always groundless. But let's try to consider other reasons why the husband does not want to have sex with his wife.

That the husband wanted his wife

1. Diseases associated with inflammation

The reason for not wanting to engage in sexualContacts can be various inflammatory diseases in the genitourinary and pelvic organs. If the husband is younger than 38 or 40 years old, due to untreated infection he may develop chronic prostatitis. In addition, this can be affected by sexually transmitted diseases, if a man engaged in unprotected sex. Often, the disease occurs in a latent form, asymptomatic. Only a decrease in erectile function can indicate a disease and a doctor's examination. In this case, it is pointless to take any action, so that the husband wanted his wife. Only a visit to a qualified specialist will help.

2. Atherosclerosis

Because of vascular disease, a man can also notexperiencing sexual desire to his partner. This is due to the fact that the sexual organ of a man is not good enough blood circulation, it affects the intimate life of the spouses. In this case, too, you need to contact the doctor for advice and treatment. It is necessary to monitor their diet, exclude smoking and alcohol, strong physical activity.

3. Endocrine diseases

Hidden form of diabetes mellitus or malfunction withhormones in the body can reduce male libido. If the husband does not want a wife, it is, rather, associated with physiological problems. Bad ecology and stress, malnutrition can play a role.

4. Medications

If your husband takes anystrong drugs, this, of course, can affect its erectile function. These can be antidepressants, pressure-lowering tablets, tranquilizers.

5. Fatigue

If the husband does not want a wife, then maybe it's all aboutthat he is very tired at work. The syndrome of chronic fatigue is not only familiar to women. With overwork, sexual activity decreases. It is worth a little rest, and the attraction will resume.

6. Stress, depression

With depression in men, the sex drive falls. They can not relax, they think about their problems, they do not want sex.

Husband does not want a pregnant wife

If the husband does not want a pregnant wife, it can beis due to the fact that he is afraid of harming the baby. It is worth explaining to him that during pregnancy, sex is not only allowed, but also necessary, if there are no contraindications.

To the husband wanted his wife, you can try to buyelegant erotic lingerie, scented candles, try to make experiments in bed. A man will appreciate your efforts and give you a gentle night of love!

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