How to choose a ring for the engagement?


Virtually all over the world, there is a beautifulThe tradition before the wedding, which is called the engagement. It can be carried out long before the upcoming marriage or just a couple of months before the legal marriage. The event is very responsible and serious, so this day everything should be perfect: flowers, a romantic dinner, gifts. Preparation for this day requires paying close attention to the most important accessory - the ring.

It is necessary to choose such a ring for engagement,that it made an impression not only on you, but also on your second half. When choosing a ring, do not pay attention to the price, because it is not just an ornament, but a symbol of love and happiness, and happiness, as you know, does not have a price. This can be quite a modest decoration - its value is not in value, but in symbolism. Glitter in the eyes of the lover receiving the ring for the engagement, this is the key to your future joint happiness.

Good, bright and good traditiontime is becoming more popular. This idea came to us from the West, where before the wedding the ring finger was worn on the ring finger. Engagement was considered to be held if the girl took the ring from the hands of her lover. On the day of the wedding, the ring was traditionally removed from the hand and never again worn, as a maiden attribute. A married woman should have already worn another ring.

How should engagement rings look like? As a rule, these are thin gold pieces with a diamond or other precious stones. In the modern world there were decorations for this holiday of a perfect new type. Their peculiarity is that they are combined with wedding. It means that the ring consists of two parts, one of which is donated to the betrothal, and the second is on the day of the wedding. Both individually and together, these rings look just great. Despite the fact that gold is of different colors, from yellow to black, it is customary to make an engagement ring of yellow color, as a symbol of happiness and well-being.

If wedding rings are chosen to be chosen together, thenthe engagement ring is chosen independently. A future wife should make a surprise and while it is very important not to make a mistake with the size. How to determine size? The simplest and best option is to use your girl's usual ring. Imperceptibly for her one day under some pretext, take it and take it to a jewelry shop. Specialists will easily determine the size of this decoration and will notify you. Thus, engagement rings will be much easier to choose.

Also you can circle the girl's ring on paperor try to put on your fingers and determine which it is most comfortable sitting. Specialists in jewelry on your finger will be able to determine the required ring size

To date, many girls, whenget the ring for the engagement, they prefer to dress it on the right hand, and on the day of the wedding they are rearranged to the left. Some people prefer to wear a wedding decoration on top of the first ring on the wedding day. Therefore, it is worthwhile to ask and learn about the intentions of his future wife, so that the gift made looked beautiful not only in your palm, but also on the girl's finger.

It is also necessary to remember that the necessarysize or shape of the ring may not be in the cabin, so it will have to be made to order. The average time required to make the decoration is 5-14 days, depending on the workload of the jewelry salon in which you will order the ring. Engagement involves not only a gift, but also an original declaration of love. Do not hesitate to be unique! Think of some interesting story, the end of which will serve as a ring on the finger of your beloved. Believe that the girl will be on the seventh heaven of happiness, and the day of the engagement will be remembered for many years. And the last advice - on the long-awaited and solemn day the main thing, do not mix up that engagement rings are dressed on a ring finger.

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