What questions can I ask when I meet and first meet?


Every person has relatives and friends,colleagues and just acquaintances - a huge number of people who constantly have to communicate. But sometimes people do not feel that much and want to just start a new partnership. Here in this situation tips will come in handy that will tell you what questions you can ask when meeting and the first meeting, so as not to scare away a potential friend.

what questions can be asked

About the rules

Dating rules for girls and guysare approximately the same. That it is necessary to do: to be sincere, open person, simply - by oneself. What to do categorically is not recommended: try to be too original - it looks unnatural; lie, because a lie can soon unfold. It is worth remembering that any acquaintance or conversation will contain questions. Here, too, you should be careful and do not overstep the stick. It is not necessary to arrange interrogation, questions should be logical and not arrogant. In short, this is all that you need to remember.

what questions can you ask a man

Recommendations for girls

Since most often initiators of datingthere are guys, girls do not need to know how to ask the very first question, which should attract the attention of a person of the opposite sex. But here are some questions you can ask the guy with a further conversation - it's worth considering. So, what to ask? Most often, girls are interested in the young man's hobbies, as well as the place of study or work. Hearing the answers to these questions, much can be clarified for themselves, right up to the material condition of the man. No need to ask direct, insolent questions about the earnings of his interlocutor, this can alert him and he will doubt the purity of the girl's intentions. If the main thing about the present life was heard, you can inquire about the boy's childhood, his parents, and also the presence of other relatives - brothers and sisters. It is also possible to have a rather lengthy conversation, which will give enough interesting information about this person. If it is very difficult to find a common theme, you can just try to discuss something insignificant, such as, for example, a new film or the best place to eat pizza with friends, at the same time asking the questions of interest.

What other questions can you ask the man on the firstdate? With the greatest pleasure, all people talk about their hobbies - that's about it, you can also ask the interlocutor. And so, do not think about it very much, you need to discuss and talk about what is easy to talk about, let it be a little inappropriate according to the etiquette at the first meeting.

what questions can I ask the girl

Recommendations for guys

No less important are the tips, what questionsyou can ask the girl at the time of dating or the first meeting. Very important here is the very first question, because it is the guy who should start the acquaintance itself. What can I say to attract the attention of the girl I like? There are a lot of options. You can just ask, where is, for example, the nearest cafe or restaurant. Or ask another ordinary and seemingly innocuous question. Next, you should try to develop a thought by asking about the following: "Do you like it there?" ("Is it cozy there?", "How do you think there is a kitchen?"), Etc. If the girl is not against talking and willingly answers, then she is completely open for new acquaintances, the rod is thrown! What other questions can you ask a girl at the moment of dating so that they seem ordinary? For example: "What time is it now?", "How often do minibus №X go?", Etc. What should I do at the first meeting? It's very simple, the list of questions is about the same as when you meet guys (described above). Having understood what questions can be asked girls, each guy can feel more confident and not be afraid of new acquaintances.

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