How to embroider a girl simply and delicately. Sample sentences


Perhaps, every man experienced a moment whenasked himself: "How to get rid of a girl?" At the same time it is not important whether people had close relations or the girl only intended to take decisive steps. The only important thing is how to do so to avoid this. We will discuss various ways to say "no".

When there is a need to embroider a girl?

how to embroider a girl

In fact, if you specify them in detail, as many as you like, but if you approach the classification as generalized as possible, you get two options:

  • the relationship was, but exhausted;
  • the girl really wants, and the guy does not burn with desire.

The report point in the "Break" project is decisive.It follows the whole specifics of the relationship. This affects the choice of this or that method of exposure to the girl. Knowing her character, inclinations, tastes, preferences, it is easier to choose the way that suits her. It sounds like advertising, but what to do, if it is. Are you still concerned about how to sew a girl? Then we turn to methods.

Soft ways to break the relationship

I do not love you

First the list, then the explanation:

  • completely stop ringing;
  • when she calls, the guy says: "I'm busy, call later";
  • neutral communication without any ambiguity: sexual jokes or hints;
  • acquaintance with a friend.

Now we will reveal the essence of each method.

The first method is practiced by the heroine of Amelie's bookNotomb "The Tokyo Bride." We will not illustrate it with the example of the novel, so as not to spoil the future readers with the pleasure of reading. By the way, the guys will benefit from this book too, they will be able to learn something interesting about the psychology of emancipated women. So, the method. Its essence is that a person simply stops calling himself, and he can quite easily answer the calls of that party. Sooner or later, one-way traffic will get bored.

The second method is slightly coarser than the first, but they are the same if you compare the message. Messages for that side: "I do not need you".

Neutral communication is also universal:it is also suitable for cases when it is necessary to prevent undesirable relations, and for cases when it is necessary to get rid of already exhausted stories. Usually the method includes the phrase: "Let's be friends" or "Let's remain friends". Girls such things are very familiar, they are successfully practicing them.

On the softness of the "introduce to another" method, you canargue, but sometimes it works. For example, a girl is carried away by a guy, but he can not reciprocate, but he has a lonely friend. Why not to introduce these two, if a man asks himself: "How to make a girl?" In this case, all means are good.

Methods of "medium gravity"

how to throw a girl who loves you

In a person's life there are such forces, with which it is difficult to argue, is virtually impossible. The appeal to them offends, but not much, just because they are fatal. So, the following phrases will help the man out:

  • "I do not love you";
  • "I like you";
  • "I love another."

With wishes, there's nothing to be done, so the cards lie down.You can, of course, take offense at such a verdict against your person, but this is unproductive. These phrases have a positive side - certainty. With sympathy (and even more so with love), nothing can be done about it, you can not force you to love forcibly. In general, some people tried and tried, but this behavior does not promise a good outcome. So there are answers to the question of how to get rid of a girl, these phrases are well known to all, use.


how to properly embroider a girl

If anything from the above suggested did not help, then the course is "heavy artillery". It is called so because these expressions are able to give the girl a lot of complexes. Consider the phrases:

  • "You do not fit me!"
  • "I do not want you!"
  • "You can not be loved!"

Why so to speak rudely?Because here the guy goes strictly on the girl's personality and "showered her with compliments." Compare the two phrases: "I do not like you" and "I do not want you". Sympathy - education is random and depends on situational and taste factors. When a person is told: "We do not like you!", He thinks: "Well, it happens, all people are different." When a man says that he does not want a woman, it means that she has some fundamental flaw that does not allow her to be desired. The rest of the phrase and analyze do not want to, how they are ugly and ugly. However, if you understand, the presented phrases differ little in their essence, but an appeal to the physical inability to love someone is rudeness. Even when they say: "I do not like you" - it does not hurt so much. It must be remembered: the word is a great power. You need to treat him with care and spare the feelings of others if possible.

Kinds of girls and the right way to escape

To answer the question of how to properly otshit girl, you need to understand who the man is dealing with. There are three kinds of women:

  • smart;
  • not very smart;
  • stupid ones.

Smart people prefer to be told aboutWhat are the chances. After all, as Hank Moody said: "A woman in the first five minutes after dating knows what she wants from a man." Believe me, with a man the same story. In this case, you can apply the methods of "medium gravity", they, on the contrary, will be the most faithful and easy, no one will suffer more than usual.

And if you met couples who were firstfriends, then became lovers, then it's not that they had long feelings, but that, as Laroshfuko said: "One loves, and the other allows himself to love." This kind of relationship is similar to the party in poker, their main principle is who will change their mind, will overcome. Or maybe it's easier: just these people were looking for, they did not find anyone, but the friend was always there. As a rule, this is a very strong relationship.

With the stupider are more difficult. These methods are applicable from soft to medium. Although the degree of stupidity is different, so you can not renounce the "heavy artillery". But we will believe in the best.

But there are girls who are either very hungrylove, and this desire obscures their eyes, or they have a catastrophic lack of intellectual ability to understand that a man is not the hero of their novel. With them, any means are good, otherwise you can pay for your pity all your life. There are known cases.

"Love is a golden ladder without a handrail"

how to dress a girl phrases

Of course, I want to be a kind and gentle person,and it is even desirable that everything is clear from the first time. But life is not a fairy tale, it hurts. Love, like life, is diverse. The famous phrase in the title can be interpreted in its own way, but the one wisdom that is contained in it is important: feelings are not what is guaranteed, but you can fall off this ladder at any time. Therefore, it makes no sense to ask yourself: "How to leave a girl who loves you?" Parting is part of the lesson that being taught to us. Imagine a person who does not know how to let go. Separation, in addition to pain, is a valuable experience.

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