The most beautiful wishes for the newlyweds are poems on the day of the wedding


The wedding is one of the most solemnevents that adorn the personal history of each person. All relatives and friends of the bride and groom gather for this festive ceremony. The guests hasten to congratulate the young people on their wedding and wish the best. They are given gifts, they want love and happiness, they say congratulations, they read the poems written up in advance on the day of the wedding.

The official part is over and everyone is going toat the festive table to celebrate this event. This is a tradition, it has hundreds of years, and is cultivated among all the peoples of the world. First, the right to congratulate young people belongs to parents. They are the most desired at this celebration, and they tell their children the best wishes:

"We wish you only one, a happy and big family.

Let the testing and the year you will never be separated.

From the bottom of our hearts, we wish you to have children.

Here the speeches are different, and we want to have our grandchildren.

Keep each other carefully! Live, Hello, Love! "

Over the wedding table wishes, like magicbirds, rise to the sky. Here and now the most beautiful words sound on the Earth. Love, joy, peace, happiness, loyalty, wealth, luck, blessing ... Like magic mantras, verses on the wedding day program the future family life of the young:

"Let your house be flooded with light,

Let the good come in at dawn.

Let him reign over and over again:

Hope, faith and love! "

How do you name a ship, so it will float onThe seething sea of ​​life. Therefore, all the invitees are trying to tell the young couple the kindest, sincere and best parting words in a new life. I want to wish you health and prosperity, prosperity and success, family happiness and true friends ... Who as not friends closest feel and understand their peers. The ideal solution will be pre-written poetry for the wedding of a friend:

"From the bottom of my heart I wish you understanding in family life,

To the husband loved, gave gifts and paid attention to you.

I wish that there are always loved ones, relatives,

So that your friends surround you, and your relatives bless you. "

Champagne is filled with glasses, toasts are heard.According to observations, most often guests wish young people good health, long life and patience. Original and impressive sound verses with a wedding day under a raised wine glass with a sparkling traditional wedding drink:

"I say this toast for the inevitability of your meeting.

For the wishes in the way, solemn speeches,

For it to always come true, what you want today.

Health strong, patience and God's blessing! "

This day fills with positive emotions of allpresent at the wedding. The bride and groom are filled with feelings of love and happiness. They experience the joy of uniting their destinies and fulfilling dreams, gratitude to parents and loved ones. Waiting for change is worrying their hearts. You can read poems on the wedding day, which are dedicated to parents:

"We are grateful to you today, for this wedding fairy tale.

And we will never forget the parental affection.

We want to live up to a hundred years and do not hurt at all,

And all adversities on the way were easily overcome.

Of course, we will be happy to help you everywhere, in everything,

You just call us, and we will always come. "

Surprisingly harmonious can sound verses with the dayweddings in this significant holiday. They decorate congratulations, intertwine with wishes and bring romanticism and originality to the general atmosphere of this event. The main condition - that poetry was appropriate and unobtrusively fit into the wedding script. It is not necessary to have a lot of poetry. They should be short, consonant with the theme, easily pronounced and well rhymed. In this case, toasts are pronounced differently, and vital parting words are perceived as expensive gifts. We wish that the verses that sounded at your wedding would bring romance and poetry into your future family life.

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