How to achieve the girl you love: useful advice to loving knights


It is very difficult to win the heart of a beautiful lady. Therefore, many young people are interested in how to achieve the girl you love. Now consider several effective techniques.

how to achieve the girl you love
First, we make a small remark: girls are unpredictable in their preferences, so you may have to work hard, including your appearance and social status, to achieve your lover.

Reasonable recommendations

  1. Study it. You must know the preferences of your chosen one. "How can this be done?", You ask. Yes, it's very simple. First find out her daily routine. If it is in social networks, then study its page. So you will understand that she listens to what films she watches, what she likes. If you have not previously communicated, then get acquainted with her and start a conversation. So you can understand what topics it is easier to communicate with. Learn her surroundings. After all the information is collected, it needs to be analyzed, and then go to the next item.
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  2. How to achieve the girl you love? Make an action plan. All the smallest details should be considered. When to meet her, where it happens, what to talk about with her, how to answer questions - this and much more should be thought out. Be sure to come up with (in extreme cases) a plan of retreat. For example, you will receive SMS, and it is urgent to run. When your communication goes to a new level, then you should be ready for it: you need to think in advance both gifts and wishes to your beloved girl. The plan should be detailed so that the planned one will be crowned with success!
  3. Stock up on money. Poems favorite girl - it's nice, but you will also need finance. Without money and experience, it's very difficult to get the favor of a girl you like. At the beginning of your communication with these "magic pieces of paper" you can show that you are successful and generous, and very much interested in it. The more money you have, the more actions (car rental, trips to movies and clubs, shopping, a trip to rest, etc.) you can do. Do not rate the girl as a woman! Just think a little. If you were in her place, who would you choose: a successful and attractive young man or just a handsome guy? Probably, the answer is clear.
  4. How to achieve the girl you love?Solve the problem with time. Any beautiful lady needs you to spend time together. If you are constantly on your studies or work, then you are unlikely to get a girl. Therefore, carefully plan your day so that you have time for your lover. In addition, you must be prepared for an unforeseen meeting when she wants to. With these actions you can show the beautiful lady how much she cares for you.
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  5. How to achieve the girl you love?Change the type to the one that interests her. Now we come to the most difficult rule. These changes should affect both appearance and manner of behavior and communication. Look at what kind of guys she sympathizes with. Remember that you must change imperceptibly and gradually. It is possible that the reincarnation will take more than a month.
  6. Show your advantageous differences from her boyfriend. If your girlfriend already has a young man, then you must present yourself so that she sees in you what her companion lacks.

That's all the recommendations that will help you achieve your lover. Good luck!

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