Questions that you can ask a girl?


A guy and a girl who have long been acquainted,always know what you can talk about. They can recall funny cases from the past, discuss common acquaintances or simply tell each other the latest news. However, it is somewhat more difficult for strangers to maintain a conversation. Always in conversation there is an easy stiffness, caused by fear to prove oneself from the worst side and cause antipathy in the interlocutor. Particularly hard is the guy who wants to pay attention to the girl she likes. And if you often find yourself in such situations, you must know exactly which questions you can ask the girl to make an indelible impression on her.

In fact, the nature of the conversation is somewhatvaries, depending on whether communication is live or you are online. To begin with, consider the most successful questions that you can ask a girl on the Internet. First of all, you should understand that you do not have much time to put a girl in yourself. One mistake - and it can forever send you to ignore, but even if you do not write anything incorrect, then you can just tire it with your banal phrases.

The standard question, like "where do you study?""Or" what music are you listening to? "Are only allowed at the very first stages of dating in order to establish an initial contact. You yourself understand that after all the standard topics are sorted out, your communication itself will fade away. Therefore, you need to try to catch the girl for the first 5-15 messages. Ask her something original. For example, about her secret dream or about the most wonderful moment of her life. Try to show your questions to her on positive emotions, as with them she will in future associate you. Questions with a dirty trick for girls is better not to ask on the Web, because humor is not so subtle as in a live conversation. You do not have to joke. Just show some originality and ask about the date. All the most important things will happen on it.

Having dealt with the network part, we prepare questionsthe girl on the first date. Very good, if you still have some hackneyed themes. The first meeting is always exciting, so you need to start it with something neutral. You can ask how the day went; whether she likes studying or working; what she listens to music, etc. The main thing at this stage is to talk and establish contact with the girl.

However, getting stuck on banal topics for a long time does notworth it. After the initial embarrassment is over, you need to bring the girl to emotions, and the emotions are positive. At this point, the questions that can be asked to the girl are changing a little. Forget about serious topics and try to translate everything into a joke. Believe me, you will still have plenty of time to talk with the girl heart to heart, you do not need to do it right away on the first date. You can even slightly podkalyvat it, tangle, etc. Smart girl herself laughs, if it is a kind of humorless.

If you can safely pass thisthe most difficult stage of dating, when the air still hang awkward pauses, then you can no longer worry about how to pick up questions that you can ask the girl. She will talk herself and talk without stopping. All that will be required of you is to listen carefully and insert into the dialogue relevant, clarifying questions, as well as hidden compliments to the girl.

So it's not so important what exactly is to askgirls - it is much more important to learn to behave confidently and cause them the right emotions. It is likely that neither you nor she will not remember what they were talking about, but just remember exactly in what mood they were returning home. Do not be afraid to talk and know how to listen - and everything will come out for sure!

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