Recognize the guy in love with his words. How to do it


Any girl who feels love inespecially if it is mutual, wants the whole world to know about it! This feeling is able to "inspire" any young lady, and if she falls in love, not everyone can decide to say the cherished three words "to the object of his passion." However, not everyone has enough creative imagination to express their feelings in beautiful form, for example, verse or prose. In this case, there is only one way out - this is recognition of the guy in love with his words.

Recognizing the guy in love with his own words

At the same time, it is currently consideredit is absolutely normal for a girl to tell a young person: "I love you" first. However, the young lady should remember that before making a confession to a guy in love with her own words, she must be convinced of the sincerity of her feelings. If you are sure of them - do not be afraid to say it first!

However, not always recognizing the guy in lovein their own words can have a positive effect. And it does not matter in what form you tell him about it personally or by sending an SMS message. Perhaps he does not feel anything more to you than friendship. Anyway, "a negative result is also a result" - at least, you will not "build air locks". Analyze calmly the situation and decide for yourself whether it makes sense to continue this relationship.

Original declaration of love for a guy

It often happens that the young man is timid and indecisive, so the first recognition of a guy in love with his own words will be very welcome.

If your relationship lasts not for the first month, andthe guy is embarrassed to tell you that you are not indifferent to him, then you should choose the most convenient moment - it is best when you are "tete-a-tete" and say: "I love you" first. Although it is not necessary to say something, you can just smile and turn your loving eyes to it. Words in this case are not important - it is important how you know how to express your feelings nonverbally.

Pronounce the words of love with a special meaning and feeling, not turning them into everyday phrases that you say to a young man at parting or meeting.

Short declarations of love guy

It is very popular today to present asgift original declaration of love to the guy in the form of unusual poems or "ardent" SMS messages. Many young people like this form of expression of feelings on the part of girls.

A declaration of love must, as they say,"Penetrate to the depths of the soul." Of course, talking about feelings is necessary in an intimate atmosphere, in a cozy and comfortable place. Ideally suitable for this "nature's bosom" - the shore of the lake, a forest glade or mountains. When uttering the coveted words, feel the closeness of the young man, the touch of his hands. Be sure to embrace it at this moment and do not be shy about it.

It is necessary to emphasize that expressing one's owntremulous attitude will help and a short declaration of love to the guy. Again, you can use a text message. Only two lines will allow you to "take possession of the heart" of a young man. It is not necessary to be verbose to tell a person that you are not indifferent to him. The main thing is that the words should be sincere and go "from the heart". And only in this case you can count on the reciprocity of the guy.

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