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Good friends are those who want to givejoy. This can be done even without reason. Kind and sincere wishes to a friend will give positive emotions, even if you do not say these words in a personal conversation, but send them in a message. In general, the word "friendship" often refers to relations either between men only, or between women. Many times it has already been said that only a sympathy, love or strong love is associated with a guy and a girl. But in fact, judging by the experience of more adult people, it can be noted that a man and a woman can truly be friends. They can give advice, help in difficult times, give wishes to a friend, etc.

To really do your friendpleasant, you need to communicate with him more often. You can, for example, write wishes with a good morning friend. Below are the phrases and sentences that are perfect for sending in a sms message.

"My dear friend, good morning to you, I wish you a wonderful mood, positive emotions, delicious breakfast, lunch and dinner!"

"(Friend's name), my good, good morning! Wake up quickly to do all your business! I wish you patience and good luck."

"My dear friend, good morning!I wish that this day was bright and memorable for you. I want you to be surrounded by your good friends, who miss you so much. See you!"

"Dear friend, good morning! It's time to get up and enjoy this beautiful sunny day. I wish you successful work and a good rest after it.

"Dear (name of friend), good morning to you. I wish you a great mood for the whole day." I want you to be surrounded by kind people today. "

Wishes to a friend who has a girlfriend can be:

"(The name of a friend), I whole-heartedly want to have everything with you and your beloved girl." I wish you a long life together and an early replenishment in the family. "

"My dear (friend's name), I want you to be likeI soon made peace with my girl. You are a perfect couple. Forgive her for everything bad and apologize for himself. Remember that in your relationship there must be trust and understanding. I wish you patience and strength so that your relationship will finally get better. "

"My dear friend, I want you to learnforgive those close to you people. I assure you that your beloved girl is waiting for your call, tk. very much wants to be near to you. Perfect people do not exist. Everyone has his own minuses. If you love your woman, then forgive her. I, in my turn, wish you unlimited happiness. "

In the event that your friend is sick, then he will need help and moral support more than ever. In a similar situation, you can write the following:

"(Friend's name), get better soon! Tonight I'll come to you and bring you vitamins to help you get well soon.

Wishes of recovery to a friend can be and such:

"Dear (friend's name), get better soon!I've really missed you so much. I feel lonely and even difficult without your valuable advice. Soon you will recover and we again will walk in our park. Today I talked with your relatives, and they said that soon everything will be fine. Hold on there, my dear friend, I'm always with you. "

"(Friend's name), do not be sad, very soon you will be discharged from the hospital and you will be at home .I will be able to come to you every day! In the evenings we'll even walk. I wish you patience and strength, my good."

Friendship should be sincere. This is what can keep people warm for years to come. Kind and sincere wishes to a friend will also strengthen existing relationships.

In addition to all of the above, your friend can send messages with warm words before going to bed. Below are the options for such wishes.

"My dear friend, today you had a hard day, I wish you good night." Sleep a long time so that tomorrow you can wake up in a good mood. "Till tomorrow!"

"(Name of a friend), good night, I wish that you had a dream about all the good things that are on the Earth, and I want you to see in your dream all that you yourself want."

Give your friends sincere wishes and be happy!

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