Symbol of love and happiness


Love is the most mysterious and unexploredfeeling on earth. And although each person experiences it throughout his life, but no one can really explain what it is. Even scientists and doctors can not give a scientific explanation. Although, even if there was some kind of love formula, would this change anything? After all, joy, happiness or pain would still be the same.

From the most ancient years, people come up with a symbol of love. The heart as the personification of happiness and the most beautiful feeling on earth is customarily portrayed throughout the world. Even on the day of St. Valentine's entire room is decorated with hearts of various colors and shapes. Well, why this particular sign? According to legend, this symbol of love and happiness came from a pair of swans that romantically swayed against the sunset, combining their heads and breasts. In addition, everyone knows that these birds are true to their chosen one or chosen for life. Many people should take the example of swans, because without their second half the birds can not even live on, they die. Devotion worthy of attention. That is why the symbolism in the form of the heart is accepted all over the world.

There are other versions of where it came froma symbol of love. So, people believe that the heart goes back to duality, that is, to number two, because people are two halves of the whole, mirror reflections. And the heart is two deuces that reflect each other. Another hypothesis, the heart goes back to the female buttocks, because it was their Greeks who were revered earlier as a symbol of love and happiness. The ancient men of Greece believed that this is the most beautiful part of the female body. Quite prosaic, but very possible.

Of course, no one will know why the symbollove is the heart, and for today it does not matter. The main thing is that people have already accepted this sign of love and are known all over the world. Having presented a toy or a heart-shaped gift to a loved one, you tell him that he is dearer than anyone else in the world. A romantic dinner or an explanation in love does not go without hearts.

However, there are many representatives of the flora,embodying love. So, the symbol of love and happiness is birch, willow, grapes, spruce, ash, poplar, etc. Everything depends on the environment and the people you are in. But the most famous tree associated with a great feeling is the mandarin tree. This is the Chinese symbol of love, because it is believed that its sour fruits awaken a man's passion, and mandarin juice can return the love and power of a sexual plan even to an old man. As far as this corresponds to reality, of course, it is unknown.

The Egyptian symbol of love is the queen of rose flowers.It represents paradise pleasure, virginity, happiness, beauty, bliss, memory, eternity, etc. Why in ancient Egypt was venerated a rose? Because these flowers were dedicated to the goddess of conjugal fidelity, motherhood and beauty of Isis, for she is "all that is and that will be," that is, love.

Of course, what a rose means depends on its color. White flower - purity, virginity, purity, pink - hope, yellow - desire for good, blue - impossibility and unrealisability.

Until now, it is believed that there is a language of flowers.About love a person can tell and forget-me-nots, and peonies, and lilacs, and even carnations. And the most popular flower, similar to the sun - chamomile. "Loves, does not like" - for sure, every person living in the world was engaged in this stupid business, not caring about the environment and believing that guessing on the petals of a daisy is true.

Of birds, except for swans, love embodies andpigeons, who are also very attached to each other, are not capable of betrayal and bring harmony with them. Swallows - a symbol of love and happiness, nightingales signify a pure feeling with their singing, etc.

Thus, the single symbol of love isa heart. And others depend on the picture of the world of native speakers, on their life views. However, it does not matter what is considered a sign of feeling, the main thing is that love, peace and mutual understanding reign everywhere.

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