How to propose to meet a girl?


Adolescence is a rather complicated and importantperiod in the life of each person. Captivity of illusions, maximalism and the belief that everything is right, and it seems strange that parents do not understand you, try to break it and teach something (some kind of stupidity, as it seems).

Especially hard is the time of falling in love. In a conversation with a girl who likes, you feel like a hero, very clever, strong and relaxed, but how can you imagine that at the moment you tell her about your feelings, and somewhere the whole fuse leaves. You just do not know how to offer to meet a girl. It's scary to admit, it's scary to open up - but what if they laugh at you straight in the face?

It is necessary to tune in to the fact that it can not always go on like this, you need to start making decisions and be able to admit your feelings.

Before offering the girl to meet,you need to carefully prepare for the conversation. Do not be afraid of the fact that she "otoshet" and you will look stupid and weak. Remember that only weaklings can not talk about their feelings and desires, and strong individuals are able to dot the "and". In the end, you see that she likes you too, or she somehow distinguishes you from the rest of the guys. Hence, there is a reason. Not necessarily, of course, that she is burning with passion, maybe you like her, but you have to learn everything and decide. Perhaps your relationship gets stuck just because you do not know how to offer to meet a girl because of her fear of being rejected.

Think in advance where it would be more convenient for youtalk. If you do not know how to offer to meet a girl, but you want to do it, will not you tell her about your feelings on the football ground, the change or near the entrance?

It is also important to determine the place where you areadmit to the girl in her feelings. Perhaps it will be a small cafe, if you have enough pocket money, or just a walk in the park, maybe she likes to feed pigeons. We need you to be alone.

So, what to do and how to offer to meetthe girl? First of all, it is necessary to choose the right words in advance. Everything should be at the highest level, i.е. the conversation should go the way serious adult people talk. In the conversation there should not be slang and jargon, such as "Hear, and you're funny, let's mess with you!". This not only offends the girl, but also turns her away from you, since the girl is a fragile creature, dreamy and such phrases will simply offend her. And it will be very difficult to be rehabilitated, because she will be disappointed in you.

Of course, you do not know how to start meeting a girl and you are scared, but you need to get the courage and get ready for a conversation.

It is necessary to choose in advance the words from which youyou start talking. Of course, it must be a sincere truth that you like the girl, she is beautiful, smart and not like everyone else, that is, there is something in her that attracts you.

Do not rash compliments, but say "from the heart". Even if you stammer a little - it's okay, it will even play to your advantage, the girl will believe that you are sincere, so you worry.

Also, there should be no chewing gums, chips and everything else. All this can be after a conversation.

Tell the girl that you are happy with her, and you would like to do it more often. Together to walk, go to the cinema, ski and so on.

If she agrees to be your girlfriend - fine, the goal is achieved and you are happy. Then you will laughingly recall that I was worried and did not know how to start a relationship with a girl.

If you were wrong, and the girl told you thatnot ready, does not want or something like that - do not be upset, invite her to just be good friends. Well, what, you will not turn around and you will not leave with your head down? You must also have a sense of dignity. No, it's not, just be friends like before. And the girls in your life will be oh, how much!

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