The first kiss, or How to understand that the guy wants to kiss you?


First dates, first kisses - it's all sois exciting and causes a lot of questions. It's no wonder that the questions "how to understand that a guy wants to kiss you", "how best to do it" and "how to do it, if the first date" is the most common. Kissing is a whole art that needs to be learned, and you can not do without experience.

how to understand that the guy wants to kiss you
What is he, the first kiss?

The first kisses - especially exciting anda touching moment in the lives of girls who have never kissed. To get rid of the excitement and feel more confident, and also make the kiss more sensual, you can take advice.

You do not know how to understand that a guy wants youkiss? Many psychologists advise paying attention to his general behavior and gestures. If a guy looks at his lips or does not know where to put his hands, then definitely, he is tormented by a great desire to touch you. Most often, if a young man wants to kiss, then he will do it. How quickly this happens depends on the experience and the desire of the partner.

Sure, you want the kiss to bebeautiful. To do this, do not constantly think about the technique, but it's worth simply relaxing and having fun. The less the experience, the better the kiss. Training with a tomato or your own hand can not help much in this matter. It is better to gain experience with a handsome young man.

if the guy looks at the lips
It is important that the situation is suitable for a kiss.Constant thoughts on how to understand that a guy wants to kiss you, can spoil everything. Most often, the first kiss occurs during farewell, when there is a pause and ... But the kiss-surprise was not canceled, so it's not necessary to wait for this moment. You can take the initiative, especially if the man looks at the lips. At the same time, we do not forget about the appropriateness of the situation. A kiss during an engaged conversation does not always make a young man happy, but at least he will surprise you.

Yet the first kiss should be welcome.When there is a long awaited awkward pause, look at the young man, or rather in his eyes. Feel his breath. At that moment, you can take his hand and approach him slowly. He immediately realizes that you are ready for a kiss. Most likely, he will take the whole initiative, but you will only have to enjoy your first kiss, which you will remember for a long time.

Kiss on the first date

Never be shy in expressing your emotions and learn to feel a partner.
Thoughts on how to understand that the guy wants to kiss you, leave for later. By the way, this applies not only to the first date.

if a man looks at the lips
On the first date, a kiss can take placeonly in two cases: the guy will take the initiative or you yourself. If you are used to occupying a passive position, this does not mean that nothing depends on you. You can always control and force events. For example, if you are not satisfied with the excessive aggressiveness of a partner, then you can always show your displeasure. But for this, it is not necessary to stop kissing, just slightly pull away from it, so that your lips barely touch.

If you want to kiss a guy, then do not thinkabout anything and start fulfilling your desires. In the modern world, this is no longer a sign of bad taste. Just remember that long French kisses are inappropriate for the first date, leave them for future meetings. At the first meeting, by a kiss you show that the guy you care about. He acts as a kind of approval for the continuation of relations.

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