Compliment the girl about her beauty. Give her credit


Do we often say compliments to our beloved girls? If you answer this question without thinking, the answer will be yes. Yes, we have to praise them, to say what they are beautiful, smart and charming, in order to achieve their sympathy. Some guys are even perceived as a certain, not always a pleasant duty. However, if you think better, it turns out that a compliment to the girl about her beauty, we pronounce it not so often. In fact, men of the last century could express their feelings much more clearly and more beautifully, but, most importantly, they did it much more often.

And believe me, modern girls are waiting for usjust such compliments, and in this regard they are more unhappy than the ladies of the last century. So what prevents us from saying a compliment to the girl about her beauty? Maybe we no longer love our women and admire them? Of course not. Perhaps, modesty hinders? It is unlikely. The thing is that modern men believe that compliments are excesses, and even afraid that girls can find them weak or old-fashioned because of a compliment. In fact, no compliment, even the most banal, will not cause a negative reaction. Any person likes to be praised, and girls especially like it when they celebrate their appearance.

So you have to learn this simple science. In fact, it's worth the time. Knowing what a compliment to make a girl, you can achieve it without differing in physical beauty, without having the money and expensive car. The ability to speak beautifully compliments is a monstrous force that we simply underestimate today. So, what do you need to tell a girl to get her location?

It all depends on whether you are meeting with her orno. If it's a girl you know well, and with whom you are in a relationship, then here you have the widest field for maneuver. During the time of acquaintance, it was necessary to remember that she liked most of all that she likes when her appearance is celebrated. Let it be something that only you noticed, for example, a dimple on your cheek or beautiful fingers. Do not forget to pay attention to new elements of her image every time - she does it for you. And do not get rid of ordinary phrases, like "you look good today," add a bit of originality - and your girl will literally bloom. Say that "her purse is wonderfully combined with her beautiful eyes" or that "her new shoes seem to have been specially created for such a goddess." But most importantly, do not forget to regularly compliment how long you have not met. Believe me, she's always waiting for this.

If you need to make a compliment unfamiliargirl, then here we need a slightly different approach. Many women put a barrier through which unfamiliar guys should go through to prove their worth as a chevalier worthy of it. This barrier you need to overcome. Some professional "pickups" (hunters for women) recommend using a compliment with a double bottom, simultaneously praising the girl and reducing her self-esteem. For example, "this dress looks perfect on you - it hides your problems with weight." This is a fairly "dirty" way. Perhaps, he works, but it's much better to surprise the chosen one with his sincerity and originality, than it is secretly insulting her.

The main thing that a compliment to the girl about her beauty is notsounded like a stamp. If you really inspired this person, try to honestly state your thoughts. Even if someone rejects you or laughs at you, do not despair, there will definitely be girls who will appreciate your approach. Do not be afraid to seem stupid or ridiculous, say what you think. Especially, say it in public, women really appreciate such compliments. Any compliment to the girl about her beauty in public will be pleasant for her. Just say that "her eyes drive you crazy," or "her smile does not go out of your mind." Say it loudly so everyone will hear - and any, even the coldest, girl will just melt!

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