How to survive the gap with your beloved


Parting with a loved one is inseparableis associated with suffering, pain, bitterness and despair. Despite this, it is necessary to find the strength to live and move on. Concentrating on one's own grievances and experiences will inevitably lead to prolonged depression. Therefore, it is so important to understand how to survive a break with your loved one as quickly and painlessly as possible. We will try to help you in this difficult matter.

Break with your beloved

Often the separation process continues verylong, in connection with which causes additional suffering and gives rise to unfounded hopes. It is not right. It is necessary to put the fat point in the relationship once and for all, stopping all further contacts. Otherwise your tortures can continue indefinitely. If you are covered by any unsolved issues or unspoken grievances, arrange a farewell conversation. Communicate quietly and calmly, in any case do not go to scream. And forget about such a concept as the friendship between former partners - it just does not exist, it's a myth and an illusion.

Overcome the gap with your loved one will helpa kind of act of farewell. Try to get rid of the offense against the former through a symbolic ritual. They can be like burning joint photos, and dropping from the bridge into the water a heavy stone, symbolizing a cobblestone lying on your soul. You'll see, it will become much easier for you. If suddenly you feel that the resentment of a partner is coming back, come up with a new one or repeat the old ritual.

Surviving the parting

Another tip, how to survive the parting:take care of the case. Complete inaction will lead to a loop on your own experiences, and a stormy activity will help you get distracted. Completely immerse yourself in the work, do household chores or find a new hobby. Start a pet - it will be a great friend for you, and caring for it will bring a lot of positive emotions. Learn the skills of embroidering a cross, braiding baubles or modeling of gypsum. Watch movies that you've wanted to see for a long time, but there was not time. Record a disc with dynamic music. Look at the break with your beloved as an opportunity to enjoy fellowship with yourself.

How to survive the parting

Positive attitude and confidence in their ownAttractiveness will also help you survive the separation. Many women sin that after a break with a loved one they begin to engage in samoyedstvo and consider themselves guilty of all ills. With this state of affairs it is necessary to fight. Go to a beauty salon, dye your hair, or radically change your hair. Buy a few fashion items. The new image and reaction of the men will allow you to realize your irresistibility.

Make yourself believe in what awaits youbright future, in which by all means a reliable and understanding person will appear. Imagine yourself that the break with your beloved has become the starting point for the beginning of a new life full of new acquaintances and vivid impressions. And remember, your radiant and sincere smile should be your constant companion.

The above tips will definitely help yourelive the gap with your beloved. But keep in mind that they are complex and will be especially effective if you follow them all at the same time. Then you will not only get rid of unnecessary experiences, but you will find spiritual harmony.

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