How to satisfy a man: the main female tricks in bed


The most frequent questions that are addressed to sexologists, one way or another related to the problem of how to satisfy a man.

A good attitude is the key to success

Smell, appearance, sound of your voice and ... powerover a woman in bed, the hot response of her body to everything that happens, brings anyone to such a point of excitement that the question of how to satisfy a man no longer needs an answer.

Fulfill the whims

It would not hurt to know what to like yourpartner most of all: striptease, relaxing massage, dressing up, role-playing games, oral or anal sex, special preferences. Of course, there will always be things that you can not do because of any principles. But sexologists respond to this unequivocally: in bed with a beloved man there should be no restrictions. Perhaps you will like such an unpleasant moment for you, if you still try, cautiously and with the excitement of the researcher, and not perceiving everything that happens as hard labor.

In addition, the refusal to perform the desiredmakes a man think: but do you respect him, not only as a partner, but as a man in general? .. That's what you have options for ... Although, of course, everyone has a limit.

The main thing, achieving the goal of satisfying a man, remember: passivity is the enemy of passion, and therefore, the normal course of things. Orgasm can and will be, but satisfaction from sex - no!

Learn to share his addictions:look together, let not porn films, at least erotic ... Learn each other, tell me what you like: nothing so pleases a man as the realization that for you he is the King in bed.

Erogenous zones

The impact on these sensitive points on the bodymen will be the final powerful incentive to satisfaction. Fragrant oil, weak candle light, a little champagne or good wine, will enhance the effect. Relaxing massage will adjust the man to receptivity to your caresses. Erogenic points can be anywhere: usually these are the nipples, chest, shoulders, the gap between the penis and the anus. Some people are irritated by the stimulation of the tongue in these parts of the body. Therefore, investigate it, constantly returning to his lips, kiss passionately and continue to explore. Note the reaction of the partner, she ambiguously tells you where to stay "longer". But do not let him constantly return you to oral sex. Explain what you are looking for, he will be happy to play along with you.

Experiments are always welcome

Sexologists noticed:in most cases, a woman does not even guess that her partner is not quite happy. Some will gladly disclose all the secrets of how to satisfy a man in bed. And others ... Sometimes men want to try something else, but, alas, they prefer to look for it on the side, rather than tell you. Forward events: be interested in his opinion about what could diversify your sexual pleasures.

Ask, but do not squat.Put the question correctly. For example, if you ask: "I satisfy you?", In 99% of cases he will say "yes, of course". Better ask, flirting and with a hint: "My dear, what fantasies you would like to bring to life, otherwise I have a playful mood today ..." Men will not miss this phrase by ears unless, of course, they are too shy.

Then show him an example: liberate yourself. Sex toys, role-playing games, new poses allow you to maintain passion, the joy of intimacy, and therefore, to achieve satisfaction.

Order something on the Internet together.This is a very useful lesson for a couple, sexologists say. Allows you to tune in to good sex, emancipate, helps to get closer even more. You do not need to order a dildo or balls at once. You can take a lubricant that strengthens the female orgasm, or downy handcuffs, erotic costume ...

If you both do not know what you want, ask forconsultation to the same sexologist. On the consultation and put the question: how to satisfy a man. You can always start small, look for inspirational examples (starting with "Kama Sutra" is not recommended) ...

If most of these items are always in your arms, you do not need to ask a sexologist how to satisfy a man. You are doing so well.

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