What do you need for a divorce? Technology and recommendations


Most lovers do not think much about the fact,that is necessary in order to get married. The answer to this question will be able to give almost everyone: it is recommended to apply to the registry office. But now, is it possible to quickly get an answer to the problem, what is needed for a divorce?

The simplest procedure is administrative, whenit is carried out by the registrar's office. Such an opportunity will be for those spouses who do not have joint children (minors), and also have their mutual consent. First you need to apply. There are probably two options:

  • this is a joint appeal;
  • one of the spouses writes a statement, and the other signs and notarizes the signature.

What do you need for a divorce yet? The following package of documents should be collected:

  1. A receipt confirming that the relevant state duty was paid.
  2. Documents that confirm the identity of divorcing citizens (passports).
  3. Original certificate of marriage.

From the date of application, a month must pass. Then the spouses come to the registrar and, having confirmed their desire to divorce, receive an official document - a certificate of his termination and a stamp in the passports - "Marriage is dissolved ...". This procedure is the simplest.

But, what is needed for a divorce, if the spouses plan"share" joint property and children? The solution to this problem is unique - you need to go to court. The same procedure is recommended in the event that one of the spouses refuses or evades the divorce. Let's make a reservation that such divorce proceedings are rather complicated and have a lot of nuances.

Firstly, the court will not decide on the dissolution of the marriage, if the child is not yet a year old, and the mother is against it.

Secondly, in the event of disagreement or evasion of one of the spouses, as well as his failure to appear in court, the third meeting makes a final decision on divorce.

Thirdly, you need to immediately resolve complex issues and formulate claims that relate to the fate of joint children and property.

Therefore, in addition to the traditional and the above papers, you need to prepare the following documents for divorce in court:

  • claims for the division of property;
  • claims that will affect the fate of children and child support requirements.

After submitting the application with a set of documents, according to the law there will be a month, during which the agenda should come by mail about the appointed date and time of the court session.

What is necessary for divorce quickly now?Only patience, because the spouses will be asked questions about the causes of the dissolution of marriage, the existence of ways of reconciliation and so on. As a rule, the court does not always make a decision to dissolve the marriage immediately, giving time to think. Therefore, in the presence of the final decision to divorce, it is necessary to insist on it. In this case, attention must be paid to the resolution of claims and obligations for maintenance.

But, as a rule, such processes have a peculiarity of being delayed. As the court can:

  • do not satisfy the claim of one of the spouses, which gives him the right to start the trial again;
  • postpone the decision on the case, appointing the spouses a time period for them to reconcile and so on.

In any case, divorce lawsuits can drag on for many years, spoiling the nerves of the "former" and breaking the psyche of children, who are often "divided" by "loving" parents.

Therefore, before you start to think about how,what is needed for a divorce, it is recommended that the spouses try to hear each other, establish relations with a loved one once and avoid such a complicated and unpleasant procedure as dissolving it through a court. It is recommended to simply agree among themselves.

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