Complex psychological situations: how to tell a girl that you like her


Relations between representatives of the oppositesexes are rarely bright and cloudless. Especially often there are difficulties in key moments when passions are raging at a peak, and people under the heat of emotions commit rash acts, which then themselves and suffer.

The art of calculating the situation

how to tell the girl that you like her
A young man, sincerely carried away, sometimeslost in the company of a friend, feels not quite confident. And when the moment of confession comes, passes before the elementary, but really difficult question: "How to tell the girl that you like her?" Psychologists in this case do not advise to hurry. Even if the feelings are literally overflowing, rashly rushing into the pool of passions is not worth it. A young man should try to abstract himself from his feelings and analyze the situation. After all, it is important for him not only to give vent to words, but to hear the desired recognition in response. Therefore, before telling the girl that you like her, look and understand, as in fact the lady of the heart treats you. I am sure in it, in that it is really expensive - well, a bouquet of flowers, some nice souvenir and, at the delivery of it, - a gentle confession. In the sense that the flowers are beautiful, the toy is pretty, but there is nothing dearer than her wonderful, loving eyes, more beautiful than her face ... You see, in principle, there is nothing difficult in how to tell a girl that she likes you! But this is not to be done if the young man is not sure that they will listen to him favorably.
what say girl like
Let him first think whether he is ready to receive in returnrefusal, rebuke or ridicule? Or suddenly recognition will scare away yet fragile timid relations? Maybe the girl recently broke up with the former boyfriend and is not ready for new serious feelings, experiences? Do not forget: a careless and hasty word can spoil what later, under favorable circumstances, would blossom bright and lush color! In a word, remember the story of Ivan Tsarevich, who so inadvertently burned Vasilisa's frog skin. Before you tell the girl that you like her, it is advisable to keep from reckless actions.

The power of a word

I really like you
Suppose the situation is favorable.The guy is sure that he will not be "otoshyut", that they will listen favorably. And then a new problem arises. And what say the girl who likes it? What words to pick up to reach out to the farthest corners of her heart, touch the most tender strings of the soul? This is, as they say, improvisation, everyone decides for himself. The main condition is sincerity. All that a young man will say should not be abstruse bookish words, but simple, ordinary, but warm, sincere, kind. The "star", and "darling", and "native", and "kitten", and "baby" will be good here ... And the diminutive-caressing variants of the name, touching the good-natured nicknames adopted between the pair, will also be appropriate. In this case, the traditional "dear, I like you very much," coupled with an expressive look, even a slight sliding kiss, will not only cause rejection, but will be accepted with joyful gratitude. Of course, you can decorate the whole scene in a romantic spirit. In the evening cafe invite, only one in which you can sit quietly and secluded. Light the candles on the table. Present a rose or a bouquet of lilies of the valley (any flowers that the girl likes are suitable). And to say those same words, from which the breath will catch both, and the eyes will sparkle with happiness.

Good luck, in love, and make less mistakes!

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