I wonder how the guys offer to meet?


Although by their very nature guys should win girls, they can often be shy or simply afraid of giving up. So, how to invite a girl to meet?

how guys offer to meet

Rule 1. Text

Studying how the guys offer to meet,It is worth considering a few simple rules, how to do everything better and what not to do. Such a sentence is inherently not just a set of words, it is a stage of something new, big and bright. Therefore, the guy should properly prepare his speech, so as not to mum and do not stutter. To take such a step from the bay-barrack is not good. So, the boy should indicate, because of what he likes the woman, that it is good. It is also worth outlining all the positive aspects of the fact that the couple will be together, tell the girl that it will only benefit from this. But do not lie and embellish reality, because relationships built on lies, will not last long.

Rule 2. Place

It's worthwhile to figure out how guysoffer to meet, and choose a suitable place for this. Abandoned phrase in the break between lessons or in the dining room that I would like to be with the girl - it's not the case. Yes, and this alignment is unlikely to like a self-respecting lady. For such an event, a hike in a cafe, in a movie is suitable. You can also suggest meeting at a disco during a slow dance. The main thing is that the atmosphere is romantic. This will only benefit the man.

how to invite a girl to meet sms

Rule 3. Originality

How do guys suggest they meet? Most often they do not attach special importance to this business, because it's not to get married when fate is decided! However, the girls take this step quite seriously. Why not respect the lady and not make your proposal original, but not ordinary? To do this, you first need to find out what the lady wants or wants. So, after that you can try to fulfill her dream. Such a man the girl just will not miss! But there are some "buts" here. Do not show off or boast about what was done for the lady, constantly remind her about it. A real man never screams about his expenses or expenses. Also do not need and pamper too girl, because she will expect the same attitude from the guy and in everyday life.

invite a girl to meet in verse

The form

Considering options as the guys suggestmeet, it is worth noting that there may be several. So, if a man is shy enough, you can try to offer to meet in absentia. What does it mean? Write a letter. Better, of course, if it is done by hand, it is written with a pen on paper. However, an e-mail can also come up. It should be noted that when you figure out how to offer a girl to meet, SMS is not the best option. After all, this will say that the man did not try at all to create a relationship. The text itself can be compiled in different ways. You can invite a girl to meet in verse or in prose. However, it is better to choose words personally, and not to write off. Thus, a verse composed independently may not be as beautiful as Pushkin's, but it will be a personal confession in his sympathies and pleasant attitude. And this is very, very important for a girl!

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