Tips on what to give to a leather wedding


Each anniversary of a joint life bearsdefinite name. So, the triennium from the date of marriage is considered to be a leather wedding. This is a small period of life, but already for such a time the spouses were able to fully recognize each other, to rub, as they say, skin. Perhaps this is what caused the name to be given to the holiday.

Not all spouses celebrate each anniversary of theirwedding, but here is an exchange of gifts going on in any case. And many ask a completely logical question: "What to give for a leather wedding?" It is accepted that surprises for spouses need to be done, given the name of the holiday. Therefore, on such a day, the most logical is a gift from the skin.

What to give for a leather wedding
The modern world of gifts is so fullall kinds of products, including leather, that there should not be any problems with what to give. On the leather wedding, the wife can be presented with a new leather bag, a quality belt, various leather ornaments, for example, handmade, a beautiful purse. Impressive images are varied, made of pieces of natural leather. This will also bring joy to the second half on such a remarkable day.

On the three-year anniversary of joint life, thewear at least one piece of leather, as this is a leather wedding. What to give her husband on such a holiday? An excellent solution will be a stylish and roomy wallet, an unusual and convenient organizer. Even a simple leather belt or pair of gloves will be a wonderful gift for an expensive spouse.

Congratulations on the day of the leather wedding

If all of the above items have already been donated toany other festive dates, it is best to ask in specialized stores what to give for a leather wedding. After all, there are professionals working on the selection of presents, most likely, they will offer an unusual and fresh solution. For example, it can be a bouquet of leather roses. Obviously, they will never fade, like the love of the couple to each other.

Leather wedding, what to give to her husband
An excellent and elegant gift for your beloved husbandthere will be a sound leather armchair (if the budget allows). In it, he can watch football or conduct telephone conversations at home in the office. You can also buy a leather sofa, which will become a cozy subject for family gatherings in the living room.

Sometimes it does not take long to think thatpresent for a leather wedding, and just take and buy a new pair of shoes from high-quality material. It will be a wonderful gift. After all, they never interfere, because in the wardrobe of every woman there is always a place for another pair of beautiful leather shoes.

There is a ritual of how to properly markthe third anniversary of the wedding. On the table must necessarily be present loaf, and only from rye flour. Having eaten a piece from him, the couple will even more closely tie their destinies. Also an inalienable dish should be soup, in which you need to put slices of rye bread. Of course, we need to prepare other treats, because the relatives will definitely come to say their congratulations on the day of the leather wedding to the "newlyweds".

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