We make invitations to the wedding with our own hands


Template range of store invitationsnot everyone agrees with us, so many are wondering how to make invitations to the wedding with their own hands, to give it brightness and personality. For those who decided to make invitations to the wedding with their own hands, you first need to decide on the idea, be patient and diligent, because you need free time and some materials to realize your unique idea. Making an invitation to a wedding with your own hands is fascinating, interesting, but, at the same time, a painstaking exercise that gives it a unique charm and uniqueness.

Step by step to paint the preparation of a specificinvitations - this is not absolutely necessary and necessary occupation, because each of those who want to go beyond the standard banality will come up with something individual and not copying the available templates. There is no need to copy what was done before you to another's wedding, just having studied the permissible options, give flight of your imagination and create for yourself so that to convey with an invitation is your individual intention.

What is necessary for creativity?

To fulfill my invitation to the weddingwith their own hands may well require some tools and materials, the acquisition of which will not be difficult and will not cause serious damage to your budget. Stock up with a different color and texture paper, because it can come in handy as a tracing paper with a specific embossing and a specific shade, as well as color, invoice paper for offices. You will buy fleece, lace, tulle, satin bows and ribbons, rhinestones, beads, fine gilded wire, nylon and velvet ribbons. You can use "skeletonized" flowers, leaves, feathers. There will not be creativity without figured scissors, super glue or double-sided scotch, punch. We also need a printer, but you do not have to buy it, you can use a printer of friends or relatives.

Let's touch on the most popular variants of invitations at the moment.

One of them is an invariable classic in an envelope,consisting, as a rule, of the decorated cover and the text inside it. You can fantasize about the appearance, as well as its internal content, as the funny invitations to the wedding can be applied not only on the inner cover of the cover, but also on an additional, for example, a sheet of tracing paper, while on the inside you need to put some interesting background. At registration it is not necessary to forget that such invitations are executed, as a rule, in unobtrusive, pastel tones without sharp transitions. The basis of such a postcard can fulfill your retouched photo. Original invitations look with the use of thin, crumpled paper, ironed with iron. You can add a card with lace inserts, sewn, satin roses, lacing and ribbon bows.

Scroll will be spectacular and originalinvitation, but it will not be possible to send it in an envelope. In this case, you will need to purchase bamboo sticks or cut cattails in your dacha in order to roll paper on them. The scroll can be poured with sealing wax or melted paraffin, putting on it your family impression. But it is not so laborious to accomplish, as there are difficulties with the necessary materials: sealing wax, a metal seal for an imprint and bamboo sticks. It is problematic to get everything you need, but it is possible, for example, instead of printing, you can skip a ribbon with strings of beads strung for them to bandage the scroll.

There was a question on how to sign an invitationfor a wedding? You can print the text on the printer yourself or contact the printer. The main difficulty in deciding the issue - how to sign an invitation to a wedding - does not arise with its reproduction, but with the interpretation itself. Decorate funny invitations to the wedding in various ways: in the form of poems, poems, decrees of the sovereign, etc. There are a lot of options, it is important to choose one that will reflect the orientation of the celebration of your wedding.

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