How to part with her husband


Deciding to divorce is difficult. Sometimes a woman, fully aware that the family life has finally come to a standstill and exhausted herself, can not decide to go to court to file a divorce petition. In this situation, she would be glad that her husband left, but he is not in a hurry to put a stop to it. Anyway, let's talk about how to part with her husband without long experiences.

Many women think that with divorce life ends, but, no matter how dubious it sounds, right now you are standing at the open door to a new life.

In general, pain can not be avoided during divorce,because now it will be necessary to build life in a different way, even the usual trifles will not. Perceive these deprivations as getting rid of not the most necessary habits, instead of them find new useful lessons for yourself. Do not be bothered by negative emotions, do not delve into the analysis of "What did I do wrong?", "I'm so good, and he ...", etc. How painless to part with her husband, depends only on you. Look for the pros in everything.

Understand that treating divorce as a disasteroriginates in our genetic memory, because earlier, in the days of our mothers and the more so grandmothers, the attitude toward divorce was much less tolerable. Realize that the divorce is carried out with the aim to make the life of each of the former spouses better and better.

How to divorce correctly from her husband? Do not let go of your hands, never be discouraged. Understand that if you wrap yourself in a rug and start sobbing, you will constantly feel sorry for yourself and get your friends repetitive stories about your hard share, this will never make anyone any easier. Yes, even you. It is also necessary to pronounce oneself in moderation. If every day for weeks and months to tell everyone about the details of your family life and divorce, you will find yourself inside a vicious circle: you will increasingly regret yourself, share experiences and maintain a pity center again and again.

Tell yourself that you can not spend days and weeks ontorment, if life has ended, then not on a global scale - the old unpromising life is over and only new and promising ones are just beginning.

Meet with friends.Perhaps, among them there are knowledgeable people in how to part with her husband correctly. Once again, do not load them with stories about how bad you are, just learn from them to enjoy life. Surely, your friends also have problems, but they have fun - and you should not give in to them. Go to the disco and enjoy freedom. After all, you need not worry that someone will be angry because of your late return home. And the dance will help to give way to accumulated anger and aggression.

Do something that will symbolize the beginning of a new life - change your image, make a rearrangement in the house. Do it all with a soul and not for a tick, but thinking about the pleasant changes to the smallest detail.

If a psychologist is asked how to part withhusband, he advises a simple training. Imagine your problems and troubles in some kind of material image. Mentally place them inside the soap bubble and just inflate it until it bursts. Let in your mind the end of the relationship and all the problems associated with parting, disappear, like this bubble. In general, an experienced therapist will tell you how to part with her husband. He will help to find the hidden causes of divorce and teach you not to repeat the mistakes made in the future.

And further:Do not panic, do not worry about how to live. Just live, look for positive moments in everything that happens. Do not rush into all the heavy - everything has its time. You must have had some free time - many people can only dream about it. Find him a useful application, devote free hours to yourself and children, if you have them.

Do not worry about what they say about yourdivorce strangers - talk and calm down. Believe me, divorce is not something out of the ordinary, but a forced measure that gives rise to a new life.

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