How to wait for a guy from the army: psychologist's advice for girls. Letter to the Army


Almost every second girl sooner or laterovercomes the question: how to wait for a guy from the army? Well, if it is in a relationship with someone who has already served. But if the guy is to be sent to the army, the girl should prepare for the year of expectations and longing. Although you can make these 365 days productive. And then the year will fly by quickly.

how to wait for a guy from the army


When the girl was taking the guy into the army,of course, will become sad, lonely and sad. And this can be understood. However, not everything is as bad as it might seem. After all, they will have the opportunity to meet with the young man!

First, each recruit after a couple of weeksexpects an oath. This is a solemn event, which happens in the life of a man only once. Therefore, it is very important that people who have come to take the oath on oath come. And of course, my beloved. If she comes, the soldier will certainly appreciate this deed. In addition, the girl will be able to give him moral support. And once again convince that she intends to wait for him.

And after the oath is usually given the dismissal. True, on the security of the passport of one of the soldier's parents. But if a girl goes on oath with them, then everything will turn out. And they can spend the weekend together.

In the future, soldiers are also allowed to takedismissal. If the girl lives near the unit and has the opportunity to come, then they will also be able to see each other. Regular meetings, albeit short, can dilute the expectation. And it will be easier for both to survive this year.

letter to the army

What should I do?

Many girls are more concerned about howwait for a guy from the army, and then, what to do in this year. Let's say her main activity is studying or working. Or maybe both. But what to do in your spare time? After all, earlier it was filled with meetings with your favorite and joint pastime.

Well, you have to occupy yourself with something as much as possibleuseful. For example, start going to the gym. That, when the guy returned from the army, he saw his prettiest beloved and was pleasantly surprised by her external transformation.

You can start learning a foreign language orimprove his ownership of it. Find another extra work to save money for joint with your favorite vacation. And the gift on the occasion of the demobilization can stop thinking, because a vacation in some picturesque place will be a good presentation. If the girl is weak in cooking, then it would be nice to start learning to cook dishes that her faithful loves. Upon arrival, she will be able to please the starving soldier with something delicious. In general, it is better not to miss the beloved, but to get carried away with something interesting and at the same time useful.

how to wait for a guy from the army psychologist's advice

Lead from home

Despite the fact that the beloved is far fromgirl, she wants to somehow show their feelings for him. Then you can (even need to) write a letter to the army. And it is better to put on paper as many thoughts as possible. The soldiers in the service have little entertainment, and get a great letter to them only in joy. What to tell in your news? Everything and everything. What happens at home, in your hometown, what changes and news there are. You can tell about your plans, about what the girl decided to do while her faithful is absent. And of course, you can not do without pleasant words. Be sure to write a couple of lines about your feelings and how the girl is waiting for her soldier and misses him so much. Moral support is very important.

To raise morale

Sending a letter to the army, it is worth investingsmall present. The best option is a joint photo of a small format. It is better to laminate it so that a soldier can carry it in his pocket and not worry that it will get wet in case of rain. It is not necessary to send large photos in quantities of several pieces and all tokens with chains and other souvenirs - the private are not allowed to store personal things in the nightstand (and all of the above in your pocket is unlikely to fit). In addition, if the envelope is too heavy, it can be opened and all detected found.

A parcel can also be sent, by the way.Only in advance it is necessary to find out what the soldier needs. Exactly superfluous will not be shaving foam, shampoo, toothbrush case and something tasty, like chocolate candies. It is better to put more, because soldiers always share everything with their colleagues. And you can also put a chevron for the form, loops and initials with his name on his left breast. This is not given out in the army.

how to wait for a guy from the army psychologist's advice

What do the experts suggest?

In the question of how to wait for a guy from the army, the advice of a psychologist proves to be a good help. Some girls find it difficult to cope with this period. And help is not superfluous.

First, it must be learned that a loved one is inarmy. This is not a children's camp. There strict regulations and procedures. We need to get used to the calls, which will only be on the weekends, and to the absence of the faithful in social networks. Soldiers are not allowed to use the Internet and phone during training and combat training. Mobile phones are issued to them only on Saturday and Sunday. So do not fall asleep to your beloved questions about why he did not call, and fight about it in hysterics. To him and without that it is not easy. Psychologists advise it is better to write down within a week in a separate notebook questions that the girl would like to ask her soldier, and news that are important and interesting. Because when the guy finally calls, with excitement, everything can fly out of your head. And time will be short.

the guy returned from the army

Looking for friends in misfortune

Many girls around the clock think only aboutone - how to wait for a guy from the army. Psychologist's advice assures: if this topic really does not give rest, then it's time to find your friends for misfortune. Good in the age of modern technology is not difficult. There are a lot of social networks, and in them - a lot of communities. It is enough to enter the number of the part in which the beloved serves, and go to the group issued by the search engine. There you can communicate, read interesting stories, mark useful information. In general, the interlocutor can be found in any case. And it will be possible to decide together what to do when a guy is in the army.

what to do when a guy in the army

What else is worth knowing?

If a girl thinks about how to wait for a guy fromarmy, not because he does not know what to do at this time, but because of his own uncertainty in this, it is better not to test fate. But it happens so often. The girl, as they say, did not walk up, she wants to spend every day with a guy, get presents and bright emotions, and not miss and miss. Then do not give false promises and deceive the soldier. After all, he will believe that he is loved and waiting. And in general, do not start a relationship, if not walk up. Many people should understand this.

But if the girl spent a boy in the army andintends to wait, that is, how to diversify their days without a loved one. You can independently create a demob calendar. As a rule, at the very top, where the year is usually indicated (2016-th, 2017-th, etc.), they write: "It remains to wait." And below, instead of months, is the number of days. Begins 365th, and ends first. The girl will be able to strike out one more day with a pen every day, lived without a good one, and count how much is left. Many still decorate the calendar with joint photos.

In general, if the girl came to life that period when she thought about how to wait for a guy from the army, it's better not to miss. And to plan the year so that it passed quickly and with advantage.

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