A few tips on how to make an offer to get married


All the girls from the very childhood dream aboutthe moment when the guy will stand in front of them on his knee and offer such a welcome ring. Therefore, in search of advice on how to make an offer to marry, the guy should be guided by the fact that it should be beautiful, gentle and touching. Only this way the girl will remember this event for a long time. Moreover, for a very long time she can boast of this before her friends, which, believe me, is very important for most women.

how to make an offer to get married

The most common, but no less desirable,is a classic option, how to make an offer to get married. To do this, you need a romantic atmosphere at home or in your favorite cafe, a couple of glasses with champagne and such a welcome ring. It is better not to inform your preference about your intention, let it be a surprise for her. The top of pleasure at the moment of recognition for any girl will be the situation, if the guy drops to one knee during the main speech. You also need to take care of those words that will be told, for each girl they are very important.


If you want to find a hint how to do itoffer to marry, you can stay on an unusual, extreme option. Here the long-awaited event can happen in the air at the time of a parachute jump, under water in funny diving suits or at the speed on the steepest bike. The main thing is to be absolutely sure that the girl will like it, and she will appreciate the efforts for her worth.

how to make an offer to a girl to marry

Option, how to make an offer to get married,can be the organization of a small show for his chosen one. The orchestra, dancers and salute just in honor of the beloved, and in the midst of the fun - the long-awaited confession and a huge number of witnesses of this event. You can be sure that most women will like this kind of attention.


Among the options, how to make an offer to a girlget married, you can send your beloved to work a bouquet of flowers, to which will be attached a small gift. At the time of its unfolding, the guy should appear in the office and all before his very eyes invite his lady to become a wife. The girl will like this option. Moreover, to her a little differently - better and warmer - will treat all employees, rejoicing for their colleague.

beautiful offer to get married
In close circle

You can go in the footsteps of your ancestors and make a girloffer with the family. It's worth starting with the question of parents, can you take their daughter as wife, and after consent to turn to the most chosen one. But this version of the development of events has two sides: on the one hand, the beloved person, as it may seem, considers the opinion of the parents rather than the beloved to be the main thing, which can offend the girl, and on the other, respects and values ​​the opinion of her mother and father that she will amaze the lady before depth of the soul.


You can also make a beautiful offer to go outmarried. To do this, you can write "Come for me" on the sand or snow and ask to look out your loved one. Option can be the creation of a business card site, the viewing of which ends with the offer of the hand and heart, writing a personal diary, which will highlight important points from the life of the couple. And it should end with the date and words: today she agreed to marry me. There are a lot of options. The main thing is to choose the one that fits the chosen one and is liked by the man himself.

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