Some recommendations on how to make a guy nice during a kiss


A kiss can be considered the most refined andThe effective means of communication that humanity has invented. As one legend says, it was coined by the knights of the Middle Ages. They touched their lips to their wives' lips after returning from distant hikes in order to find out if they drank alcoholic drinks in their absence. Over time, the kiss became not only a means of testing for alcohol intoxication, but also a unique way to attract the attention of the opposite sex.

How to make a guy nice during a kiss

Women to achieve the above goalhave to go to clever tricks, regularly make a note of exclusivity in everyday life, prepare nice gifts - all this in order to please the man. Of course, there is a huge arsenal of ways that ladies successfully use to attract the attention of the opposite sex. Among the effective methods for locating a man to him is the ability to deliver him pleasant moments during a kiss. The latter can be diverse: hot, passionate, tender.

Some girls, not having the slightestthe idea of ​​how to make a guy nice during a kiss, make an attempt to alternately touch their lips to the lips, neck, cheeks and the rest of the body of the object of their passion. And this is done anywhere: on the street, at work, in a public place.

How nice to kiss a guy

There are many tips on how to do it.the guy is pleased during the kiss and how to convey with him the fullness of the feelings experienced. Young ladies, not experienced in the issue of the "kissing ritual," the below described will help win the hearts of men. Those who want to learn how to make a guy happy during a kiss should answer the following questions: "How do you kiss in everyday life? Perhaps, hotly and passionately? "If the answer to the last question is positive, then try to go on the contrary - make an attempt to make the most gentle kiss. If every day you give a gentle touch of the lips, you should add a note of passion and fire in this ritual. In this case, your lover, and you yourself, will feel the novelty of impressions, and the answer to the question of how to make a guy pleasant during a kiss will be partially found.

Mankind invented an incredibly hugenumber of techniques of kissing. At leisure, it will be superfluous to get acquainted with the main ones and choose the ones you like most. Be sure to use them in practice. However, there are general recommendations on how to make your kiss an unforgettable experience for your partner.

How to kiss a guy right

For example, there is no need to pressown lips to lips of the beloved, since otherwise it can lead to the fact that he starts to suffocate. When you caress his body with a kiss, it is very important that he feels both the outer and the inner edge of your lips. In addition, at the beginning of a kiss, you should not immediately show excessive activity with your tongue - do it gradually, increasing the intensity with each new touch. Try, that the "organ of communication" does not move with great speed back and forth, as this can alert the guy.

Representatives of the stronger sex, as a rule, like when, during a kiss, they are pressed and lightly bitten.

How nice to kiss a guy? Experts argue that for men the perfect kiss is one during which his tongue is active, and the girl with the help of voluptuous moans expresses feelings for him.

Even if you do not fully understand how correctlykiss a guy, do not worry. All comes with experience. Regularly practicing and training, you will engage in fantasy and ultimately learn how to make a young man enjoyable during a kiss.

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