How to meet a guy from the army, to delight there was no limit?


Here comes the long-awaited moment when in the pastguy, and in the present the man comes back from the army. This is a very important event. How to meet a guy from the army, to surprise and admire him there was no limit? I will offer you several options.

Option number 1: how to meet a guy from the army, if you are his girlfriend?

Meeting a guy from the army
The most long-awaited event is the meeting of your loved ones. Why not reduce the time to it? If you have the opportunity, try on the eve of leaving your guy from the service to get to him. Immediately on your visit do not tell, buy a ticket for the train, in which the loved one will get to the house. And after a lapse of thirty minutes after departure, with a bottle of wine or champagne, suddenly visit him in the compartment. The delight of the young man will not be the limit! And believe me that on your arrival home you will not be able to spend so much time alone!

Option number 2: an unexpected kidnapping

If you are sure that your guy is on the roadfrom the station home will use the services of a taxi, then it is in your power to organize an inoffensive love abduction! Agree with the taxi driver that the arrival point of the young person is the place you need, regardless of his order. Let the driver drive him to some picturesque corner in your city, for example, to the river bank, where you will meet him on your own or in the company of friends!

Option number 3: how to meet a guy from the army, if you are his parents

Undoubtedly the statement that most of allhis parents are waiting for the soldier to return. And it is natural that when the moment of the long-awaited meeting comes, Mom and Dad want more attention of the son. But understand what in the first days you do not

How to meet a man
It will be possible to avoid the company of his friends, girls, etc.etc. Take it calmly, do not try to get rid of other people, because they are only strangers to you. A young man will be much more pleased to see that not only his parents were waiting for him and that not only mom, dad and sisters and brothers missed him, but also a whole bunch of people!

Option number 3: how to meet a guy from the army, if the girl did not wait for him

Sad and sad, but, unfortunately,common situation. If you are true friends, then the young man will need your support first of all. Try not to offend his ex-girlfriend when you report unpleasant news, talk about what happened without any unnecessary colors, clearly, briefly and in fact. After that, the soldier should explain that in his life there have been many changes, which will only lead to a better one, that, in addition to her one, many friends, acquaintances, parents awaited him, who are very happy to see him! And also you have to take something of his time for the next three days, because namely in the first three days after receiving the sad news, a person is not capable of soberly assessing the situation. The best adviser, of course, will remain the most beloved woman - Mom!

How to meet a guy from the army
Meeting a guy from the army must beis specially organized. It's not just an ordinary event in his life. The time of service, like the return, will remain forever in his memory. So show some imagination before meeting a man you've been waiting for a year!

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